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"The executioner's face is always well hidden" -- Bob Dylan

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Media Files

A Day in the Life -- BeatlesSurvivors
All Along the Watchtower - Jimi HendrixInflux
An extremely enlightening and sobering interview with Dr Paul Craig RobertsThe Real War is waged Underground
Be my baby - The RonettesCorporeality
Blue Tail Fly - Andrews Sisters & Burl Ives Perfection is Incapable of Creating Imperfection
Bring it on Home - The AnimalsOnly her
Conquistador - Procol HarumLosers
Different Drum - Stoned Poneysi Shudder in your Presence
Eve of DestructionEve of Destruction
Fancy - The KinksHypnagogic Poetry
First We Take ManhattanChaos Above = Cohesion Below
Galloway interview"The US is a knuckle-dragging, low grade moronic culture" – George Galloway
Gloria - Themgloria
hedgehoppers__its_good_news_week.mp3What ‘NEWS’?
hunters__collectors__do_you_see_what_i_see_.mp3Do You See What I See-ee?
I can see clearly NowMass Media LIES -- It is NOT Hopeless, YOU are NOT POWERLESS!
I will follow him - Little Peggy MarchTuned
I've got the Music in meI have the Poetry, what do you have?
If 6 was 9 - Jimi HendrixInflux
It's all over now baby blue - ThemRogue Superpower
It's all over now baby blue - Van MorrisonJFK and 9/11 -- A Time of Reckoning
It's Good News WeekThere is No Real News
It's Good News Week -- Hedgehoppers AnonymousBarely Rates a Mention
It's good NewsweekAmerica vs Russia - an Orchestrated Conflict
It's Good NewsweekIt’s Not easy being Human
It's good Newsweek - Hedgehoppers AnonymousNothing New in the ‘News’
It's Over - Roy OrbisonCame and Went
John Lennon - Bring on the Lucie (Freda People)Obama chooses John Kerry to replace Clinton
Leon Russell - Hard RainDarling Boy
Love - John LennonThe Answer and Solution to Everything
Love is all aroundThe Un-encoded
Love is All Around - Wet Wet WetDissent
Magic Bus - the WhoJust for the Fun of it!
Marlene Dietrich - Where have all the flowers gone?'When will they ever learn ...'
Masters of War - Bob DylanPuppet Obama Declares the ‘Perpetual War’ Doctrine of the Neocons
Masters of War - Bob DylanTaking the Fight to the Plutocrats
Masters of War - Bob DylanMasters of War
Masters of War - Bob DylanWage War on Warmongers
My Back Pages - Jackson Browne and Joan OsborneSerpents Dance Only in the Sky
New Beginning - Tracy ChapmanSteps
New Beginning - Tracy ChapmanIt’s About TIME!
Nothing More - Sandy Denny, FotheringaySleepers
Out of Time - Rolling StonesMissile Defense Computer Networks Easily Compromised
Pretty Girl - The EasybeatsIt’s called Integrity, something the U.S. Lacks
Reckless -- Australian CrawlAmerica After Losing the Proxy War in Syria Directly Engages Syrian Forces in Battle
Respect - Aretha FranklinRomney's honest remarks do the people a service
Revolution - John LennonGina Rinehart blames poor for national debt
Satellite of Love -- Lou ReedThe Sweet Taste of Victory
Short People - Randy NewmanRussian mouse Putin making noises like a man again
Tchaikovsky - Piano Concerto 1 - B Flat MinorSpiral Lake
Telling stories - Tracy ChapmanInterrupted Rapture
That Old Black Magic - Doris DayAmericans -- ‘we don’t do critical thought!’
The Allman Brothers - Morning DewMan, your name is Perversity
The Joker - Steve Miller BandCorporeality
The threat quoted is about 35mins in, though the entire recording is revealing of Coles' cultureAustralian Corporations Overrun by Foreign Executives and Their Toxic FOREIGN Policies
Thick as a Brick - Jjethro Tull Digital Insularity, Social Disconnect and Self-absorption Equals Social Slavery
Truth hurts, lies killChoose Life
Universal Soldier - DonovanVassal States and the Global Elite
Vietnam - Country Joe McDonaldThe Dunce ‘Intellectual Left’ of America
We can't make it here any more - James McMurtry The Dunce ‘Intellectual Left’ of America
We Love You - StonesOi, Credlin!
Where have all the flowers goneThe Un-encoded
Will you still love me tomorrow -- Amy WinehouseAbbott: Will you still take me for granted tomorrow?
Winter Winds - FotheringayWinter Winds
With God On Our Side - Bob DylanWith God On Our Side
Working for the Man - Roy OrbisonObama and the Chomsky Deception
Above download or view option if video is blockedThe Allegory of a Lion raised as a Sheep
Another Vid for download explaining sameIt’s Time to Get a Grip
Council on Foreign Relations controls NewsThe BIG LIE Factory
Doco from Oz ABCBlack Lives Matter – All Lives Matter
Download option for personal archives - (right click and save as Mp4)Lucid and articulate REALITY Response to bought Mass Media Host
Harrison Bergeron -- Kurt Vonnegut2081: Film Adaptation of "Harrison Bergeron" by Kurt Vonnegut
Mass Media ExposedeBay Founder Commits $250m to New Global Media Outlet
Only Lonely - Divinyls ('82)Bye Chrissy, bye!
The War You Don't See - John PilgerPilger's 'The War You Don't See'
Trump tells truth at GOP debate - mp4Donald Trump Blows Lid Off Ruling Plutocracy
UK Laws were changed soon after their InquiryOz Senate Inquiry into Tax Avoidance by Multi-national and Large Corporations
Video of MSNBC interviewTop CIA Intel Briefer to Bush-Cheney Confirms Administration Lied


Initial letter to CEO, Mr Andrew ThorburnNAB, the Dysfunctional and Consequently Unsafe Australian Bank
72016_ejm_letter_to_president_obama_on_nuclear_weapons.pdfMembers of US Senate Oppose Obama Plan for $1 trillion nuclear weapons ‘modernisation’
ALRC Full Report Oz Abbott gov continues running errands for Murdoch
An Introduction to the Order of Skull and Bones - Anthony SuttonObama chooses John Kerry to replace Clinton
Bradley Manning StatementBradley Manning a Moral and Heroic Stand against all odds
Bush PardonGreatest Argument for Civil/Individual Action Against Obama and Bush Regime Officials
Centre for Disability Law AustraliaAustralian Corporations Overrun by Foreign Executives and Their Toxic FOREIGN Policies
Code of ConductWoolworths in Denial Over Serious Workplace Issues
Collected Works of Ramana MahaRishiGod does Not play hide and seek
Compromising Court Document behind the 'memo' causing all the fuss.The Court Document Behind the 'Memo' Causing all the Hysteria in Washington
Court TranscriptNSW State Premier Forced To Resign
Decoding 9/11 - Prof. John McMurtryLynch Mobs and 9/11
DHS border search documentIntrusive violations without suspicion now legal in US
DoD Anti-terrorism Handbook 2004The Normalisation of State Crime
DOJ Surveillance ReportA Reiteration: NO Privacy, open slather Surveillance and it's Legal
Effective and Safe Covid Spray Preventative Measure The Coming Collapse
EU Censorship ReportThe EU to Adopt Broad Range Internet Censorship Policies
Free PDF version for offline reference and sharingRegarding Enlightenment - A no nonsense approach to Realisation
Full text of Nunes memoFull "Nunes Memo" Formally Released
Government discussion paperWashington Doormat Juliar Gillard Dutifully Reviews Oz Terror Laws
H G Wells - The Open ConspiracyNo Time/Space
High Res cockpit casing MH-17Shocking Evidence of MH17 Shoot-down
Initial letter of complaintAustralian Corporations Overrun by Foreign Executives and Their Toxic FOREIGN Policies
J T Gatto - Underground History of American EducationNo Time/Space
Michel Foucault -- The Subject and PowerUnderstanding the Power Dynamic
Modern Money MechanicsDigital Money and the Toilet Paper Money Shuffle
Mystical Poems of RumiA Mystic's Secret
Orientalism -- Bernard LewisISIS, Vanguard of the Global Elite's Plan to Redraw the Middle East
Oxfam wealth disparity reportThe Intentionally Hidden Reality of Inequality and Inequity
Parliamentary ReportOz Data Retension Bill Infringes Human Rights
Plan to carve up Middle East -- Bernard LewisISIS, Vanguard of the Global Elite's Plan to Redraw the Middle East
Principles of Propaganda - Joseph Goebbles‘Independent’ media – by name only
Principles of Tantra - John Woodroffe - V. I & IIHarmonic
Scientific studyOver 90% of Breast Cancer Cells Destroyed by Chamomile, Thyme Oil: Study
Stripping the GurusRegarding Enlightenment - A no nonsense approach to Realisation
Summarised Charge SheetHoward to Face ICC -- The Wheels of Justice turn slowly but grind exceedingly Fine
tbeconomyonepercentmethodology180116en.pdfShort Sweet and to the Point
The Crowd -- Goebbles' favourite text‘Independent’ media – by name only
The Divine PhilokaliaGod does Not play hide and seek
The Evolving Self: A Psychology for the Third MillenniumUnprecedented Wealth Disparity, Debt Slavery and Subservient (Lobotomised) Consciousness
The Flame of Attention - J. KrishnamurtiReality Pill
The Management of Savagery - ISIL's Bible of Cowardice and BarbarismHyper-Saturation Terror Media Campaign Transmits Reverse of Message Intended
The Only Revolution - J. KrishnamurtiReality Pill
The Politics of Ecstasy -- Dr. Timothy LearyObama and the Chomsky Deception
The Secret of the Golden FlowerThe Secret of 'The Secret of the Golden Flower'
The True Believer - Eric HofferThe Ultra-conservative 'True Believer'
The Urgency of Change - J. KrishnamurtiReality Pill
The Vairagya-Satakam: The Hundred Verses on RenunciationSecrets of Jnana Yoga
Tragedy and Hope -- Carroll QuigleyExtremely Influential US Think Tank (CFR) says “Tony Abbott Has To Go!”
UN ReportUN Report Supports Food Sovereignty - calls for Democratic Food Systems
UN ReportUN: Killer robots could fight WAR WITHOUT END
Understanding Media: The Extensions of ManThe Digital Slaves of the 21st Century
War is a Racket - Major General Smedley ButlerWhistleblowers Past and Present
Yoga Sutras of Patanjali -- 400 BCBreaking the Spell
You are the World - Jiddu KrishnamurtiCriminal Exceptionalism
Mutual Aid - KropotkinSimple and Self-evident

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