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"The Truth can only set you Free if it is Known" -- Anon

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We are ONE
We are ONE


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Google, your data suppression methods are obvious, easily recorded, abysmally inept and generally pathetic.

The simple fact that you actively engage in suppressing this and other alternative news sites means we have won and TRUTH will prevail in the end.
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About Jungle Drum publishing

The universe came into BEING for LOVE'S sake; for love's sake it continues forever.

Would those that hate continue to divide, LIE, murder and destroy, or hope to prevail against the INFINITE power that saturates all existence?

Every being is UNIQUE but related by kind. No one has the right to impose their views/values or prescribe behaviours on/for another. No one is above or below another – we are each SOVEREIGN Beings, EQUAL by virtue of the fact we are ALL CREATED. We observe the LAW of LOVE Only. Widely is that known!

The LAW is LOVE; there is no other Law!

Follow your course, NEVER the course of another. Those who lead [others] are as foolish as those that follow; both are enslaved in misery and delusion. YOUR WILL and only YOUR WAY pursue; therein lies fulfilment.

There are no Gods but man; ALL Gods have been created by man; are not the created secondary to their creator?

We shine as stars and move FREELY across a borderless earth. We reject the LIES of murderers and thieves; so EASILY are they known!

In LOVE we move and in JOY we create. We are ONE – One UNDIVIDED, heterogeneous HUMAN FAMILY; limitless POWER and AWARENESS lies therein!

'We are ONE' is the salutation of a new age; and that AGE is NOW!

But for a single exception NEVER KILL another; the exception applies to those that would forcibly enslave and order you to kill others. Direct your weapons at those that supplied them; ALL wars are thereby eradicated.

Comrades, Brothers and Sisters, WE are ONE!


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