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Above the Law
by jude Monday, Apr 16 2018, 3:01am
international / prose / post

The Rule of Crime Over the Rule of Law

The past two decades have been stained by State crime superseding/displacing local and international law. This trend also extends to state criminal activity against the people and the wholesale abuse of state legal power, which laws were originally developed and encoded over time and enshrined by States to protect nations and their populations.

We need not consider the now exposed State crime of the 9/11 false flag -- straight out of the Third Reich’s playbook -- and the illegal invasion of Iraq based on contrived orchestrated LIES, as these events have been fully exposed, yet not one person has been held to account for these heinous crimes, which begs the question, if States fail to adhere to the law then what becomes of civil law and order and to which party or entities does responsibility fall to enforce the law? The question is rhetorical as it is clear that the law was designed to serve the people and civilised society, therefore, the people must take full responsibility for the actions of their elected REPRESENTATIVES/leaders.

Recent events highlight the failure of states to conform to legal rigours, that is, when a crime is committed the PROVEN guilty parties are held to account in the appropriate jurisdictions/courts and punished according to law. This process not only protects society it inhibits the tendency of criminals to perpetrate more crimes. If this process fails then State and other crimes increase in frequency, scope and magnitude, as is clearly evident today.

It is astonishing that the UK, without direct proof, a legal necessity, has accused another nation of perpetrating a criminal act on its soil and has taken action to punish that nation, when its political officials have been caught out LYING through their teeth over the incident (Boris Johnson).

So on the basis of orchestrated LIES and baseless, unproven claims, the UK has undertaken action outside and above the law.

Now consider the last period in history this type of behaviour was common, indeed, ANCIENT Egypt and Imperial Rome, where leaders, Pharaohs and Caesars, ruled as semi-divine beings, though obviously they were human, all too human; yet early societies were fashioned in such a way that abuses by leaders were not only accepted but expected, one cannot help quoting a psychologically flawed recent American president for articulating this ancient and primitive process as a megalomaniacal self defence for a committed crime for which he was caught -- on national television president Nixon clearly stated, “if the president does it, it’s not illegal!”

Well, modern, educated aware society begged to differ and Nixon was thoroughly disgraced and forced to resign in order to escape an impeachment trial and a possible jail sentence, but no-one escapes history. That is how a moral civilised society reacted to an arrogant leader that, in his own words, considered himself above the law. Now note that it was an outraged society that reacted to this petty criminal guilty of ordering a break and enter, Watergate, as it’s now historically known.

However today, Nixon’s criminal actions pale in significance compared to the gross, mass murdering illegalities perpetrated by modern States, which now successfully function with impunity above and outside the law, the social safety valve, which functioned perfectly in the 20th century no longer exists and today’s societies have learned to accept and expect crimes from their leaders, much as ancient socially unaware ignorant societies once did. However, today’s masses do not have the excuse of ignorance and unawareness, they are acutely aware of the criminal dynamics of their respective States and character of their leaders yet they persistently shirk their responsibility and fail to act. Clearly they have lost their moral compass/character, which once would not tolerate obvious crimes by State leaders and they are much the poorer for it, as slavery is the outcome for the masses, which regressive transformative process is almost complete today, as most are aware.

As proof of global social regression/decline I offer the grossly illegal recent activities of most western nations that support and engage in pre-emptive violent illegal (above the law) military actions based on lies and speculation. Might is never right (the rule of brutes and oppressors) and ALL actions, and non-actions, have social CONSEQUENCES.

Whatever the ugly future brings, WWIII, global economic collapse or whatever, be very aware it’s all YOUR fault and you deserve everything you get for not taking responsibility for your lives, civilisation and your respective societies, which are currently in a state of social crises.

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