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The Life
by zed Wednesday, Jul 19 2017, 11:31am
international / poetry / post

u have groaned ur way
to this material shore
yet u know u are light

faced with the dilemmas
of life on this plane
u/we groan some more and some
groan until they depart from the body
and return worse off
yet there is a purpose
you have made the choice no-one else
u must take responsibility for ur life
and the lives of others near u
tho those near you may test ur patience
to the extreme

to give up or retreat is to crucify urself not for good
or liberation but to groan with greater exasperation

u have choice to expedite ur evolution
or delay it, no-one else is able to interfere
with ur evolution
tho u may imagine otherwise

both enemies and friends instruct
and offer opportunities for ur evolution
some would enhance, others would
deter but u are always free to react
in such a way as to turn everything
to ur advantage/growth

u have invited all experience
seemingly good and bad tho neither
quality exists of itself -- they are only essential until
understood as self-designed illusions,
progressions/regressions --

note the binary qualities
of this plane
yet ur light is the same as that
in others tho each expresses it thru
their own experience
but the Light is the same divine
inviolate, indestructible, ineffable
blissful, yes blissful, spark of creation

there is only one infinite creation expressing itself
in infinite ways/patterns
in order to experience or know itself,
what other use is there for creation?

deal with it and become aware of the process
it is one entirety only appearing as many

and so creation announces victory
for every liberated soul
and itself

until then u are the world
deal with it
and take responsibility
for it
would you live in a hell or a heaven
it is yours to create either?

avoiding this obligation to urself/creation
would see you regress and hobble urself

when confronting a mountainous obstacle
think of the undaunted ant that moved a mountain
a grain of sand at a time until it was no more

understand that u are immortal, unaffected
by illusory qualities such as time and space
no challenge you have given urself is beyond ur
ability to overcome be consoled by this

We, on this material plane are One
we Are our brothers and sisters tho some may
view them as obstructions, enemies --
understand that souls have no enemies
they only have helpers, teachers

if we are united in creation surely
we should take the lead and unite here on earth

be constantly vigilant otherwise division would destroy
your security and peace
division is the only real enemy on this plane
by restoring unity and harmony we are all restored
in peace and beauty

this universe came into being for Love’s sake
and love is the surest and safest road home

tho u may lose ur temporary body in the process
do not, never fear
do trees mourn fallen autumn leaves?

you are the tree that supports the entire universe
there is nothing to fear as nothing is able
to destroy you in essence

bodies are like garments --

You are the Life, Love
and Truth
of Reality

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