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text The Puppet and Slave Show james, Wednesday, Jan 10 2018, 10:09pm
It is no secret that all recent US presidents serve unrepresentative corporate and financial elite interests, which always prefer to remain behind the scenes. These interests OWN both major parties in the US and other ‘democratic’ nations around the globe. These so-called democratic nations all have one thing in common, leaders that lie through their teeth to get elected and then serve elite interests, which interests are largely against the exploited public interest. This is no secret.
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text Interesting Turn of Events in 'Russiagate' Conspiracy Paul Craig Roberts via justin, Wednesday, Jan 10 2018, 6:20am
Russiagate originated in a conspiracy between the military/security complex, the Clinton-controlled Democratic National Committee, and the liberal/progressive/left. The goal of the military/security complex is to protect its out-sized budget and power by preventing President Trump from normalizing relations with Russia. Hillary and the DNC want to explain away their election loss by blaming a Trump/Putin conspiracy to steal the election. The liberal/progressive/left want Trump driven from office.
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donaldtrumpyoutube.jpg image Trump, the 'Very Stable Genius,' Is Falling Apart as Mueller Seeks Interview Jefferson Morley via jake, Wednesday, Jan 10 2018, 5:09am
The tide of discussion of President Trump’s mental competence is rising along with the alarm of the president’s lawyers. As special prosecutor Robert Mueller seeks an interview with President Trump, the president's legal representatives are grappling with the challenge of a talkative client who alternates between self-serving lies and self-destructive truths while sowing doubts among his own closest aides about his mental stability. (story and 2 images)
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text Iran Would Easily Survive yet Another Feeble Colour Revolution Attempt by the USA justin, Tuesday, Jan 9 2018, 9:10pm
Indeed, the USA has tried this form of destabilisation numerous times in the past, and each has met with FAILURE. One wonders at times why America persists with these futile attempts, but we know, the American deep state is ossified and is unable to learn NEW tricks, so like the insane, defined by Einstein, it continues to pursue failed methods hoping for another outcome.
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bigbrother.jpg image NSA Surveillance Bill Would Legalize Indiscriminate Spying on Any citizen WITHOUT a WARRANT Alex Emmons via jane, Tuesday, Jan 9 2018, 8:20pm
With major NSA surveillance authorities set to expire later this month, House Republicans are rushing to pass a bill that would not only reauthorize existing powers, but also codify into law some practices that critics have called unconstitutional. (story and 1 image)
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text Crushing Net Neutrality Hits Opposition in Senate Jake Johnson via shirl, Monday, Jan 8 2018, 7:01pm
"Supporting net neutrality should be a no-brainer for members of Congress, whose constituents from across the political spectrum are united in their opposition to the Trump FCC's attack on the open internet."
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text The Trump White House From a Different Perspective jude, Sunday, Jan 7 2018, 7:48pm
Depending on how you view any situation you arrive at certain conclusions creating a reality for yourself -- there is no escaping this post-modernist view, which is proven daily. Safety of course is enabled by numbers, my views align with such and such ‘powerful’ entities, so I’m safe.
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radioactive.jpg image Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown continues Unabated Helen Caldicott via jane, Saturday, Jan 6 2018, 9:59pm
It has become apparent that the nuclear fiasco at Fukushima, largely the result of corporate deceit fraud and failures to take the usual precautions, is beyond repair and stabilisation. The reactors CONTINUE to pour massive amounts of poisonous radiation into Northern hemisphere oceans and no-one is willing to take responsibility. Well, legal challenges from affected nations would soon remedy that. Clearly two corporations and governments are responsible and that allows for massive reparations and future compensation for the increasing radiation discharge into the sea, with no REAL efforts to stem it. It is viewed as hopeless though responsible parties continue to sweat over the REAL possibilities of legal challenges, not only from Japanese immediately affected but from the many nations which would soon be seriously affected by radioactive seas/seafood on their shores. There are reasons why the elite owned mass media has blocked stories on the ongoing problems at Fukushima. (story and 1 image)
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"stable genius" and "very smart," MORON image Pakistan Just Shoved Boot Down America’s Throat -- thanks, “stable genius” Donald james, Saturday, Jan 6 2018, 8:49pm
Indeed, Trump the shallowest thinker in the history of politics, unintentionally invited Pakistan to teach America a lesson it would not soon forget. Pakistan has just ordered over 1.3 million Afghan refugees to leave the country and return home in 30 days. Of course the effect is entirely predictable, thanks to “stable genius”, in his own words, Trump, who thoughtlessly tweeted the following: (story and 1 image)
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trump44.jpg image Everyone in Trumpworld Knows He’s an Idiot Michelle Goldberg via gail, Friday, Jan 5 2018, 6:36pm
The following recent article from the New York Times proves beyond doubt that the USA is a dysfunctional State. Indeed the title highlights what the ENTIRE WORLD already knows, YET, the powers that be in the USA are unable to oust a completely destructive, to himself and the nation, buffoon, cognitively impaired president -- and that is the point. Provisions exist for the removal of an idiot president BUT Congress and the administration are unwilling to make the necessary moves. Why? Simply due to the fact that the NATION itself is reflected in the president, it is DYSFUNCTIONAL and unraveling as I write. Cognitively impaired Trump singlehandedly has done more to harm the USA than any other American in the history of the nation, and when you consider bumbling Bush and the evil Cheney administration that's a BIG call. (story and 1 image)
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trumple.jpg image The Decline and Fall of the USA jake, Thursday, Jan 4 2018, 10:53pm
The following article (an informative read) though detailed, points to a symptomatic appraisal of something much larger in scope, the fall of a self-styled imperial power; and fall it must, not least due to the reasons outlined in the article, a thoroughly flawed, inept and incompetent ELECTED leader. (story and 1 image)
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text The Net’s Good Ol' Boys: Hacking the Arpanet Geoff Dutton via claire, Thursday, Jan 4 2018, 5:17am
It’s hard to imagine now, but there was a time before the Internet, a time when computers took up more space than the acolytes who tended to their needs. In the 70s I was one such boffin, a postgrad hacking away in a university R&D lab. Computers then were still quite dear, and so we made do with terminals that sucked electrons from the teat of a minicomputer several blocks away through fiber cable.
international / prose / post

text Social Media Madness: the Russiagate Fantasy Norman Solomon via shirl, Thursday, Jan 4 2018, 1:48am
For several months we’ve been hearing a crescendo of outcries that Russia used social media to sway the 2016 presidential election. The claim has now been debunked by an unlikely source — one of the most Russiagate-frenzied big media outlets in the United States, the Washington Post.
international / prose / post

text We Can BUT We Won’t! daniel, Thursday, Jan 4 2018, 12:57am
It amuses me greatly to read various articles on how we could make 2018 a good year, not the usual progression into a nihilistic future driven by a tiny minority of ultra-wealthy pathological and avaricious types in society that profit from perpetual war, destruction and chaos. Well, of course we can, or could, to be grammatically correct, but that also applies to every new year since the 21st century began and just take a good look at those disastrous 17 years. So, always the realist, fat chance that appalling trend would change in 2018, though it could, it could change anytime BUT it won’t. Why?
international / prose / post

text 2018 a Grim Year from Any Perspective Abdel Bari Atwan via shirl, Tuesday, Jan 2 2018, 9:56pm
With the US now adopting insularity and insanity as its main credos, the international economic and political balance is sure to shift dramatically in 2018; China is rightfully subverting the petro-dollar, as like many other nations affected, the greenback has been used to blackmail and impose sanctions on other sovereign, non-compliant (to Washington's dictates) nations. Moreover, the USA is an undisguised military nation hell bent on perpetual war as that is the only foreign policy it knows, which is the focus of the following article. The future promises anything but peace, harmony and stability for the entire world.
international / prose / post

text Digital SLAVERY -- You'd Better Believe it! justin, Tuesday, Jan 2 2018, 4:46am
Facebook insiders speak frankly about the horrifying reality of the effects of social media -- video below
international / prose / post

text God May be a Poof joyce, Sunday, Dec 31 2017, 8:11pm
As usual we see in the sensationalist section of the mass media that they have purportedly found Noah’s Ark for the umpteen time -- LOL -- now considering that Jonah lived in a whale, probably with en-suite, one can only wonder at imbecilic religionists that have replaced personal responsibility for their lives with some idiot fantasy, or perverse myth at best.
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text Coherence and Incoherence jake, Sunday, Dec 31 2017, 3:09am
It is easy to denounce Trump and the morons that continue to support him in view of his policies that clearly favour elite interests and create evermore hardships for the dispossessed white American working class that stupidly continue to support Trump. Though Trump is smart enough to throw off on the ‘other’ as the problem, such as illegal immigrants, Muslims, foreigners in general, racism is always a handy political card to play, as humans by nature are tribal.
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text US Prepares for yet Another Illegal Proxy War in Syria Alex Gorka via gail, Saturday, Dec 30 2017, 7:31pm
After the Islamic State proxy fighting group was roundly defeated in Syria by Russia and its allies, the USA illegitimately and ILLEGALLY continues to occupy Syria and arm, train and supply the Kurdish YPG separatist group with modern weaponry to re-ignite the conflict. The US is doing all this in plain sight of other nations and so one can only wonder why the rest of the world sits back idly and allows the needless killing and destabilisation to continue. America's current subversive actions are totally illegal as is its continuing occupation of Syria, so WHY are other nations doing nothing to end the crisis, particularly Russia and China? It stinks as it’s all being done OVERTLY without the least regard for international laws and conventions.
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text The Uselessness of the ‘ME’ Generations stella, Saturday, Dec 30 2017, 12:40am
It should be no surprise that spoilt rotten generations, focused primarily on themselves, cannot establish real social relationships, that is, talking and interacting with others outside familiar niches.
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