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Know Who You Are and What You Stand For
by jude Sunday, May 20 2018, 8:36pm
international / prose / post

Interesting title/statement as the vast majority haven’t a clue, why? Indeed, it is culture that creates identity, everything you think -- language -- words, images and all manner of impressions included, is learned from culture and in that morass of contradictions, inversions, repressions and pathologies, as (all) cultures are inherently sick, is an identity composed of again learned behaviours from culture, transmitted via parents initially then social interaction and all manner of media, which sustain your false cultural identity. In other words your identity is a (cultural) PRODUCT. That is why people are so easily led by cultural forces, they are intrinsically and inextricably bound to it. So, WHO ARE YOU REALLY?

Are you a product destined to be enslaved and exploited as is universally the case today, or are you one of the few that sees through the CHARADE or false/socially created ‘reality?’

This is a critical question as your joy and real happiness is of course dependent on knowing who you are and what you stand for as a sovereign identity, NOT a product created by others.

If you imagine you’re a socialist, capitalist, religionist or something else that exists in the textual morass of culture, you are of course a slave to that cultural phenomenon, you have learned to be something other than your essential SELF and are therefore BOUND to the principles/rules that apply to whichever cultural phenomenon you SUB-SCRIBE to -- self-evident.

You have conveniently slotted yourself in an existing social space/category mapped by culture, therefore you exist only as a self-imprisoned PRODUCT/slave in an allotted space/jail, not a FREE, real person -- that simple. The fact that you share your slavery with billions of others does not make you free, you and the rest remain enslaved by culture until you die having lived a meaningless exploited life and suffering an ignominious, meaningless death as REALITY exists OUTSIDE ALL CULTURAL playbooks.

I am not about to wax lyrical or mystical -- locating your true SELF beyond mind/culture is a relatively simple matter if one deprives mind of its social reinforcing stimuli. Let it be said that REALITY, your true self, qualifies itself, it needs no supports whatsoever as it is sovereign, continuous, unique and fully AWARE, in contrast to dull and blind cultural human products.

Exceptional human beings throughout history have spoken of this clear aware state which inspires them to achieve great things and push BEYOND/BREAK through the limits of known cultural ‘realities’ and their pathetic, enslaving rules to levels incomprehensible to the herd. How did all the great mathematicians, inventors, artists, leaders break NEW ground? They simply rejected the LIMITS of known/culture and entered the creative unknown where ALL problems are solved. But first you must discover who you REALLY are, the rest is simple.

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