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The Winning Strategy -- De-centralised Power
by lex Sunday, May 20 2018, 12:05am
international / prose / post

What do all world governments have in common today? Yes, centralised power regardless of how they obtain it. In the West corruption of candidates by plutocrats usually prevails, in the East force/coercion is usually utilised regardless of appearances and consequent centralised, autocratic power rules with an iron fist, military and police state tactics; nevertheless they ALL share one common characteristic, the centralisation of power and that is why their power is tenuous.

Now ask yourselves why one of the world’s most technologically backward nations, Afghanistan, is able to withstand and stalemate a war inflicted on it by the most powerful military nation on earth, America, which has failed to win/conquer Afghanistan despite 17 years of occupation and disastrous war?

The simple accurate answer is Afghan power is de-centralised. Numerous regional warlords rule in their own regions, the capital Kabul is meaningless to these warlords as they know that pretend leaders are unable to exercise power over the country, without making deals with the warlords which usually renege but take what’s on offer rubbing insult to American puppet injury. Indeed, we do not hear much of America’s longest failed war in Afghanistan, as to put it mildly it embarrasses ‘mighty’ Washington, and we should note that neither Republican or Democrat governments are able to contend with the de-centralised power structure of Afghanistan.

Now a little history lesson is appropriate, Afghanistan once had a monarch, and warlords from ALL regions paid due respect to that monarch, who acted much like a Japanese emperor that also commanded respect from regional warlords in old Japan. The monarch was a traditional stabilising influence though rulership changed when an opposition was able to usurp power by military force, a difficult task as warlords pledged allegiance and loyalty to their monarch who served their interests by stabilising the nation and dealing with various factions in a fair manner.

The superiority of this system proved highly successful as it persisted for many thousands of years, and it persists today in Afghanistan where as previously mentioned, the most powerful military nation on earth is unable to obtain victory in a conventional war extending over 17 years -- and that FACT speaks volumes regarding the obvious weaknesses of centralised power/government, where a tiny body of usually corrupted/bought individuals exercise rule over millions in the interests of those that own them, notwithstanding that plutocrats and oligarchs could also be classified as centralised power as they usually co-operate to maintain their hidden rule.

Nevertheless, neither the most powerful communist centralised power, the USSR, nor the most powerful capitalist power, America, was/is able to ‘secure'/conquer Afghanistan, primarily due to the fact that power is de-centralised and dispersed throughout the country, a cogent lesson for strategists, tacticians and the wise.

Now consider how centralised power is exercised in the Western world. Extremely tenuously, as power is cleary based on information, false or otherwise, to maintain control over the millions which despise governments, as governments serve only those that placed them in power, elite oligarchs and plutocrats. Indeed such is the cynicism of western populations that the media resorts to more extreme measures to maintain control, usually fear based, on many available targets, race, religion etc, and where none exist bogey men and other non-existent threats are CREATED, as has been clearly evident over the past two decades. The structures of traditional centralised power throughout the western world today are failing, yes, the west is in crisis as the constant LIES, austerities, unfairness and propaganda are steadily failing to stabilise or gain traction, and the masses are pissed off, big time, in fact the USA would lead the western world into mob rule sooner than most anticipate. There is a huge price to pay for power based on divisiveness and America would be the first nation to fall as it leads the world in these negative social strategies, as is clearly evident today, where Washington is so fractured it is impossible to govern for good or ill.

The gist of the matter is that de-centralised power is far superior than centralised power/rule as history bears witness and testimony -- it would only take a deal between Afghan warlords to see America ousted from all Afghanistan, beware imperialists. And we should forget it only took one regional ethnic group to destroy the British Empire’s bid to take Afghanistan, the Talibs, today’s Taliban, which have always been one of the strongest groups, imagine if all groups combined today in their MUTUAL INTEREST!

America is clearly failing from within and if enough opponents without all apply pressure simultaneously, America would implode and fall apart as is indeed occurring as I write; are you able to see the many simultaneous attacks on America’s once strongest economic and other weapons by outside forces, which undoubtedly must succeed in destroying the world’s most reviled civilian killing and nation destroying power.

Indeed, the world has already returned to de-centralised power, and it would soon develop nationally by one proven means or another.

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