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The Gaza Massacre and its Repercussions
by luke Thursday, May 17 2018, 8:06pm
international / prose / post

If the moral MAJORITY of the WORLD fails to act on the heinous crimes against humanity perpetrated in Gaza by Israel -- clearly a rogue terrorist State, as is America -- then we ALL LOSE. The arrogant criminal ruling elites of the world that are so due to the fact that they have been committing crimes and waging wars of aggression based on LIES, pretexts and orchestrated false flags for nearly two decades with IMPUNITY, would consider inaction by the public a carte blanche to commit further more heinous crimes (if that is possible) at any time and place THEY choose, including against their own populations, not necessarily in an extreme violent sense but more of the same surveillance and police State oppression until ALL our hard won liberties, rights and freedoms that our fathers’ fought and died to preserve, would be FORFEITED.

Have no doubts that allowing criminals and ghastly crimes to go unpunished would only increase the prospects of greater crimes including more illegal wars, perhaps even nuclear wars and more oppressive police State measures, as arrogance and hubris have no limits, as we have witnessed to OUR great COST during the 20th century. People like Stalin, Hitler and Mao Zedong would never have succeeded in killing the millions they did if people had resisted early. What I’m saying in plain language is if the current toxic trend is NOT curtailed and eliminated then look forward to crimes against humanity far more despicable and grievous than those committed by the above criminals, which also acted with impunity.

When justice is not vigilantly preserved and enforced then CIVILISATION is lost; but don’t believe me, simply watch while history repeats itself with the same passive approval that doomed previous populations and societies.

When will YOU ever LEARN that all that is required is that existing LAWS be observed, that law breakers be held accountable for their OVERT CRIMES and that JUSTICE is served?

The REAL enemy today is rogue states that have been captured by criminal elites that immediately harness the mass media and local courts to serve and protect them -- that is why the Gaza massacre is backgrounded and whitewashed in the media and would remain so; however REALITY dictates a massacre against unarmed civilian protesters excercising their inalienable rights occurred.

And do not think for a minute ignoring this crime wouldn’t affect you in the near future -- the elites seek global control/hegemony, as do all power-hungry, murdering MANIACS.

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