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Iran: the Simple FACTS Are ...
by justin Sunday, May 13 2018, 1:03am
international / prose / post

Firstly, it is Saudi-supported Sunni extremists which form most of the WORLD’S Islamic terrorist groups NOT Iranian Shias. However, as the US supports Saudi Arabia, which now is allied with US ally Israel -- all three criminal (historically proven) nations have one thing in common, they all detest Iran which is why Iran is painted as the nation that supports terrorism NOT guilty Saudi Arabia, as is easily historically verified and obvious.

Readers would note that Saudi-supported extremists have been utilised by the USA as a proxy fighting force in Libya AND of course most recently in Syria. However, they failed to force ‘regime change’ in Syria largely due to Russia’s LEGAL assistance, as opposed to America’s and Israel’s attacks and occupation of regions in Syria, which are grossly illegal; yes, the US occupation and missile attacks -- all of them -- are grossly illegal and unjustified though we all should know today that the USA continually flouts international laws as it imagines itself ‘exceptional’ and above all laws -- however, reality dictates that CRIMINAL is the accurate term that should be applied to the USA by all media outlets but of course the mass media is now concentrated and owned by compliant entities (managed by the CFR) that work hand in glove with American agencies and corrupt Washington politicians of all stripes, so we do not get the facts we get PROPAGANDA/lies in the ‘news’ instead, which reality is verifiable by anyone that cares to research the issues/matters.

Now that BIG LIES and continuous misinformation have become routine in the western media, the USA, intent on subjugating Iran for its own nefarious purposes, resorts to plan B -- note that Iran is obliged to support persecuted and oppressed Shia enclaves throughout the Middle East and Africa which are attacked by Saudi supported extremist Sunnis, as in Yemen -- also note that Persia/Iran is the home of Shia Islam, but the game goes on.

We should now note that it was Russia that routed the Saudi paid/US trained, Sunni jihadists from Syria NOT America or any other nation, which fact is easily verified as the USA has been caught out on numerous occasions supplying arms and training to extremist/Jihadi Sunnis.

With the failure of Jihadi extremists (US proxies) in Syria, Israel has now been allotted the task of provoking Iran in order to escalate the now tense situation, which nation (Syria) was to be utilised as a springboard for attacks on Iran, which, plan (A), is no longer tenable due to Russia’s legal intervention in securing sovereign Syria, which is why Putin has been cast by the western media as the ‘new Hitler,’ how dare he interfere with Washington’s criminal plans!

So Washington has arranged with Israel to attack/provoke Iran and draw the USA into the conflict, which plan is widely known among nations, particularly Iran, Russia and China. The situation is explosive as neither Russia nor China could permit Syria or Iran to fall as their interests would be directly adversely affected.

However, the USA is consistent if nothing else, so watch for the usual ‘false flag’ attack if Iran does not take the bait/provocation.

Nevertheless, the USA would soon impose draconian sanctions on Iran and all manner of other economic weapons with its vassals in Europe, though European nations are not inclined to take this option hence fanatical Israel, which nation is eager to comply, is at the vanguard of military attacks while the usual big banks and corporations would apply other economic sanctions, as it is in THEIR direct interests that all these wars are waged today.

That’s the gist of it and by all means I urge readers to verify the FACTS above from the public domain and not to believe the usual FICTIONS presented daily by the western mass media.

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