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by jane Wednesday, May 9 2018, 1:08am
international / prose / post

the 'Great' Barrier Reef is dying,
good work Australia!

the sugar lobby presses governments
and seeps its poisonous fertilizers
into the sea, which choke the reef
and allow star-fish predators
to chew the life from the corals
while the coal industry dumps its black
waste in our pristine northern waters

in ‘73 the CSIRO warned of impending doom
for the reef if we didn’t heed the warnings
but do natural wonders win seats in parliament?

perhaps they should along with fracking bans and other
disrupting practices -- what value do Aussies
place on the treasures of OUR land and sea?

gross incompetence prevails in the political capital
only voters are able to supply the appropriate shock
to the capital -- dump corporate loving lackey politicians
that favour exploiting corporations and parasitic banks and their short term
avaricious views

are they worth the death of arable land, rich coasts and seas --
who lends assistance to big agriculture and mining that rape and pollute
so fat cats are able to live their pathetic decadent lives,
how many gold taps do you have in your bathroom?

the big banks have been exposed as criminal and more is yet to be revealed,
why serve these bludgers/parasites
that have our politicians in their pockets?

Oz is rich but its resources are finite,
is there a regulating, sustainable hand from servile
Canberra politicians that allow the rape and pollution
of the land and sea?

what would our children inherit in a poisoned vanquished land,
and desert seas?
the answer lies in bleached white dead corals --

30% of the reef is gone but we can do better, let’s make it 60%
in the next few years,
our complacency is something we could truly be proud of

take a lesson from the originals that never abused the land and seas,
we either respect and preserve our unique home and all its wonders
or allow avaricious corporates to kill it for short term profits,
how’s that?

only Australians can save Australia from
foreign corporate rogues and rapacious trans-national exploiters

we are able to change the political culture of Canberra
at the ballot box, make your vote count and send a clear message
to lackey politicians;
return Oz to its traditional values without which
the culture/nation is lost

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