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The US, UK and France Attack Syria
by james Saturday, Apr 14 2018, 2:37am
international / prose / post

It has been confirmed worldwide that the USA, France and UK have launched an ILLEGAL attack on Syria. This particular coalition of willing criminals are banking on the fact that Putin is a KNOWN coward and caves when confronted with violence, notwithstanding he HABITUALLY also abandons his allies when they are attacked.

Mouse Putin
Mouse Putin

True to form Putin HAS NOT launched a defensive attack on the attacking targets -- so it seems the US and partners have assessed Russia/Putin as a clawless and toothless circus bear. Furthermore, it has yet to be established which party/forces launched the so-called chemical attack in Syria which highlights the ILLEGALITY of this allied attack.

Now consider that Putin recently bragged superiority over the US in weapons development, well now's your chance Putin, demonstrate your superiority -- a defensive counter-attack SHOULD HAVE BEEN IMMEDIATE!

One cannot help but agree with western assessments that Putin the known 'chicken-shit' is indeed that!

Now consider the consequences if anyone attacked a US or NATO ally, the response would have been immediate. Putin has international law on side and yet refuses to defend an ally -- never has Russia produced such a COWARDLY leader in its history -- there are simply no excuses for not defending Syria with a counter-attack on aggressive targets, which, from a military perspective were/are ducks in a pond.

Putin if he fails to act decisively can expect much worse to come.

Remember Gaddafi?
Remember Gaddafi?


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