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Wars Put Simply
by jude Wednesday, Apr 11 2018, 2:42am
international / prose / post

It is known that the masses abhor wars as it is they that pay the price for ill-considered aggressive policies of corrupt, incompetent and completely owned by powerful interests, governments, which plunge millions of people into DEADLY conflict.

It is also known that the masses are incapable of self-determination and taking responsibility for their lives and their respective nation’s futures, they clearly prefer the apron-string, infantile approach.

These two counter-productive forces of course result in ruin for nations and peoples that pursue warfare. But which is the greater folly, the MAJORITY evading their responsibility and allowing themselves to be led like dumb beasts to war, or the avaricious few that profit from mass destruction while remaining safe and secure in their plush homes?

Perhaps if you are able to solve this absurd but very real problem, you may be able to find a solution for ongoing -- since before the historical record began -- needless conflict/WARS.

A hint. Clearly we are dealing with flaws in human nature that we ALL possess, which feed the many contradictory and illogical outcomes human society has experienced since time immemorial.

If we review ancient Sanskrit texts we read of wars thousands of years past between the ‘gods’ using super-weapons that devastated entire cities and nations; the same conflicts are also evident in the Abrahamic tradition which details a war in heaven, of all places. Needless to state, these texts do not reflect any ‘divine’ reason, they speak as all texts do, of those that created/encoded them, MAN, and his many flaws and very few redeeming attributes.

All conflict and wars will cease when man either resolves his inner flaws or destroys himself, the later is the favoured, logical and likely outcome as the historical and mythological record clearly indicate, AND of course, do NOT overlook the aggressive insanity between nations that occurs TODAY.

So, it is with the utmost disdain for a failed species that I leave the predictable future in the hands of those that create it, you pathetic, sorry losers.

“WAR, what is it good for?” Profit for the few and horrendous misery and hardship for the supremely foolish masses -- choke on it!

There is no avoiding the TRUTH, however, it is not written in stone.

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