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Listen ...
by sadh Saturday, Mar 24 2018, 12:56am
international / poetry / post

the first pulse
that began all things
continues in every throb
and pulse in existence
it is the nature of all things,
the reverberations of thunder
the beat of hearts, the pulses of
dying/living stars

what they refer to as logos or word
the first, is the original emanation

be still and know ... that ...
you too could return
to the first, the last,
the forever

there is nothing gained or lost
only the pulse or spanda
which is the one true underlying
original continuous creation and destruction
beyond time/comprehension
forever repeated in sound, form
and light,
as light, a vibration only,
emanated from the first sound
and returns to sound
where it emanates as light again

are you able to ‘hear’ the heartbeat of the cosmos?

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