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Turn Around
by dee Wednesday, Feb 21 2018, 1:08am
international / poetry / post

the throngs raise their arms in anguish
muted, they have no voice, beseeching silently
for someone to save them from the folly they created --
God save us, but there is no God that saves
anyone from their own folly and self-inflicted torment
they must learn or perish

their leaders rant, rave and lie, blaming others
for the worsening situation, ‘it couldn’t be our fault,'
we’re exceptional, God is on our side, they have been told
by their lying leaders yet there is nothing exceptional
about ignorance, cowardice and blind folly

i look down on these poor, pathetic fools
always willing to point a finger but too frightened
to look in a mirror and see their true state

what to do with these ignorant fools?

they cry for God and safety, forever trembling in fear;
it’s simple to be a saviour to the ignorant, we shall supply
a suitable idiot to lead them to the destruction they have created
for themselves --

do not think this solution harsh as their own God advises that the blind
lead the blind and the dead bury the dead -- we are not this heartless

clearly it is death they seek to free them from their torment
so ignorance and death is the order of this and every other day
for this throng

though some see the clarity behind the lies, the life behind
orchestrated wars and the mass murder of innocents --
horrors these people create and then wish to be saved
from the consequences of their own perverse creations, not a chance!

turn around and see who really leads this nation to ruin
listen to your instincts you know it’s all wrong and that your leaders LIE --
so what to do?

make it right -- take responsibility for your previous perverse actions
and make it right

purge the vile filth that has stolen the capitol
return government to the people and then take responsibility
as no-one anywhere is saved from their own folly

turn around and face the enemy WITHIN, overcome
and restore your nation/society
then come to us -- the Gods only lend an ear to those
that break their chains and fight for justice and freedom,
NOT for filthy lucre

begin this fight against the enemy WITHIN
and what is outside becomes your friend

the Gods only listen to free men, not star-spangled SLAVES
that cry like babies bound only by paper chains

Real freedom is earned NEVER bestowed by anyone, man or God

Wake up doodles unless you wish to go down with the blind fools and COWARDS

perhaps i should also add that no cowards are able to enter paradise

Rise up, Overcome and EARN your freedom on earth and your place in Paradise
or remain subservient and choose to perish like the cowards you are.


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