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Forget it!
by claire Sunday, Feb 18 2018, 9:57pm
international / prose / post

There is no “We the People ...,” perhaps there never was, but what is starkly evident today is that the USA is ruled by non-representative forces that use presidents as puppets and governments as toys.

For instance, how many Americans voted for (nuclear) WAR, very few if any, yet the deep state, representative of the ruling elite, is preparing for conflict with Russia and China in three separate theatres, the Ukraine, Syria and Korea, forget North and South Korea it’s one peninsular land mass, as ALL Koreans are well aware.

America’s aggressive and provocative attitude today is lunacy, pure and simple, anything could trigger Armageddon particularly America’s stated new stance that it would use nuclear weapons in response to a non-nuclear attack, a cyber attack for instance, which attacks are impossible to trace to a guilty party, readers would note for all the public claims, propaganda and twaddle that no real evidence has ever been offered substantiating Russia, China or any nation to be responsible for cyber attacks and when American ‘geniuses’ make such a claim, it is routinely proven wrong, example, North Korea attacked the Sony corporation, a now proven utter falsity.

It has become clear over the past two decades that Washington is ruled by psychopaths that are willing to sacrifice their entire population in an insane game of nuclear brinkmanship -- notwithstanding only lunatics and fools would play this game to begin with. The DREAM is world hegemony, an impossibility as history clearly informs us, every nation that has tried has failed miserably and so too the USA must inevitably fail if it foolishly pursues this direction; America will not only fail but take millions of innocent civilian lives with it. Would the world stand for this international THREAT? Apparently so, but the more pertinent question is whether the global masses accept a clearly rogue nation threatening their lives and stability. Clearly if WE the global masses fail to act we are doomed

Today, though every mainstream information system is at pains to withhold real news, aggressive, pre-emptive war is now ready to be executed so a few miserable psychopaths could chase a dream -- forget it!

It was time for intervention when these divorced from reality psychopaths were making public statements about their illegal wars and plans (PNAC) for world hegemony, like invading Iraq, based on orchestrated LIES, would be a “cakewalk” and that the Iraqi people would welcome murdering invaders with “bouquets of flowers,” neocon Paul Wolfowitz -- I mean how divorced from reality is it possible to get without being locked up in an insane asylum? But I forget, America is an open air lunatic asylum.

Then there’s fellow neocon, Richard Pearle, who first made the statement, “what’s the point of having nuclear weapons if you don’t use them!” Well, he finally got his wish, as America’s new policy is to respond to non-nuclear attacks with nukes, does that appear sane to you, as clearly other nuclear powers would respond in kind?

The point is America is a dangerous cot-case and if the world, including gutless Russia and China, fail to radically intervene via international courts and bodies setup to challenge rogue nations, then it truly is over. Aggressive pre-emptive wars are grossly illegal as is America’s present occupation and military aggression in Syria; call America out, Putin and Xi, international LAW and numerous conventions are on your side -- MAKE IT PUBLIC -- your inaction in this legal civilised regard is perplexing to say the least -- are the both of you on the payroll too, as I have no other explanation?


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