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A New and Effective Model for Workers Rights
by darcy Sunday, Feb 18 2018, 3:53pm
international / prose / post

One need not split hairs over the causes of chaos, instability and destruction in the world today. The cause is as obvious as dog’s balls. Avaricious pigs rule the world, plain to see.

It is pointless attempting to make sense of a nonsensical situation, the obvious solution is a radical reformation and the purging of all destructive influences on our lives.

Where to begin? The answer is obvious, leadership/governments, although we know that governments are in the service of elite minorities, nevertheless, all servants lead us directly to their masters and so unrepresentative shadow rulers are easily routed and jailed for their heinous crimes, not least of which is the treasonous hijacking of our democracies.

Our political leaders today are pathetic, again plain to see, we need not tolerate them or their masters any longer so one of many possible strategies is here offered.

We live in nations where wealth disparities are monstrous, average people have not seen any real pay rise in decades, yet the elites view their six figure salaries as insufficient, their pay does not reflect their performance, it’s an insider game of mutual back-scratching and you’re not invited to the trough, it’s an exclusive club much like Royalty was in days past. However, Royalty was effectively eradicated in favour of representative democratic government, which survived intact for a short historical period, but no longer.

We need not not directly or overtly oppose governments, however, we must oppose the structures that support unrepresentative governments. As workers, white and blue collar, we work for companies mostly, as governments have been instructed to outsource. And so in an era of dead and corrupt unions we need to form local cooperatives that include ALL workers in an organisation. Then we prosecute for a fair wage from that company or paralyse it, every man/woman jack on wages. Executives need to re-learn who creates, sustains and makes profits -- WORKERS -- it is EASILY demonstrated by a localised go slow or outright strike that would paralyse any company or organisation, give ‘em a taste and watch them jump as it is not one profession execs have to deal with but every worker/profession in the organisation/company that would need to be replaced or appeased, so it’s a no go for corporations to oppose its entire body of workers.

As each local group succeeds in fair pay deals others would follow this model.

Antiquated unions were skill and profession based, allowing for easy replacement, whereas a body of skilled workers in a specific company or organisation would be difficult to replace as every profession, trade and skill would be required to replace an existing workforce.

The answer is LOCAL, think in localised terms and allow others to follow suite and only then think in national terms and create a national union of all local groups that would support each other making breaking or corrupting those unions impossible.

It is easier than you think, a little cooperation is all that is required and surely no-one outside executive insiders is happy with their remnumeration today, every worker has that in common, and with commonality in circumstances there is commonality in purpose/goals, that simple.

In the above sense REAL participatory democracy starts in the workplace and issues nationwide from there.

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