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by sadh Friday, Feb 16 2018, 7:56pm
international / poetry / post

i have hidden it well
yet it remains close

the crossing of two rivers
marks its beginning
though it was born in cool
roaring fire

two waters indicating its direction
flow fast circling spinning
wheels up to a silver lake
which empties into a shoreless sea

as it moves it creates sounds/music
which octaves never depart from the initial harmony

the symphony of ascent defies every known law of man,
it is something precious beyond all the wealth
of worlds, it is something other
yet immediate and always accessible

is it my love for you emerging from your chrysalis
and expanding your coloured wings
or the love it generates of its own accord?

i watch you form into a winged being
of unimaginable beauty, delicate and soft
yet indestructible

recognising me instantly, you approach
and embrace me wrapping your translucent wings
around our bodies

it’s good to be back in your arms
i have waited patiently for so long
that time died trying to keep itself

light begins to roll forming huge waves
of sound now synchronised with the swoon

your wings tighten and seal our bodies
tightly together as you continue your ascent
now at blistering speed with me captive in your arms

we reach the mountain lake
and rise from its depths breaching as we hit the surface
spinning so fast the waters of the lake
are captured like a geyser in our ascent

through and through we go and go
capturing and swallowing everything that exists
and ejecting it into otherness

little percussions mark every penetrated dimension
as we pass through and through

until we flash into the boundless ocean
where my treasure is hidden in plain sight

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