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“Inept” -- Deputy Oz PM Joyce Attacks PM Turnbull
by james Thursday, Feb 15 2018, 7:27pm
international / prose / post

Well, as predicted the scandal assailed deputy PM Barnaby Joyce certainly didn’t need any help destroying what was left of his career -- his reputation and social standing is already shattered beyond repair. Joyce is now in full self-destruct mode and any support he may have had would wither as a result of his latest incredibly idiotic open attack on the PM, though I would add, his accusation is entirely correct, as the PM should have stepped in IMMEDIATELY and forced Joyce to stand aside or resign for the good of the coalition and government. PM Turnbull is clearly the leader you have when you’re not having a leader.

PM Malcolm Turnbull (left) and deputy Barnaby Joyce, two FAILED leaders
PM Malcolm Turnbull (left) and deputy Barnaby Joyce, two FAILED leaders

Nevertheless, it is unprecedented that a deputy PM and coalition partner openly attacks his leader, notwithstanding the huge degree of damage Joyce has already inflicted on the conservatives that have witnessed their ‘sacred’ conservative values evaporate due to Joyce’s lack of judgement regarding not only an extra-marital affair but the utter stupidity of not taking precautions, as his mistress and former staffer is now having his child. So much for solid conservative family values.

Joyce is simply a fool and is not fit to lead a gaggle of geese let alone have any part in leading the nation and the sooner his fellow Nationals wake to this reality the sooner they would be able restore confidence in the government and their party.

Joyce lashed out imprudently and impetuously as he is known to do against the PM for ‘undermining his position,’ which is laughable as Joyce’s position is CLEARLY untenable solely due to HIS own behaviour, which has obviously not improved. Never in the history of Australian politics has any senior sitting politician blown it to the extent that Joyce has. Joyce makes Bill Clinton’s sexual antics look like a walk in the park, and we should all note that Clinton did not survive his stupidity, though his sexual misadventures are almost insignificant compared to Joyce’s, soon father to be.

The opposition is playing it all perfectly, just enough focus and push to allow the government to self-destruct, they clearly have the PM’s and Joyce’s measure. PM Turnbull is witless, vacillating and a COWARD, it was obvious he had to act immediately over Joyce’s hugely compromising utter folly but he stalled, as usual, probably advised by the most inept group of advisors and consultants in the nation. Any marketer, PR or media consultant would be aware that today politics is all about BRAND and personalities and if either take a huge hit the situation must be corrected immediately.

Currently, the Nationals, Liberals and their brand are not worth a pinch of shit due to Joyce. Remedial action to restore CONFIDENCE should have been immediate, but no, indecision and vacillation prevailed, and now it is far worse than simply one person blowing it and being removed, the problem now extends to bitter, open, destructive personal attacks, though the PM clearly provoked impetuous, infant Joyce, Turnbull's comments (see link below) were a huge tactical error if Joyce’s personality is considered; Joyce of course reacted according to his nature -- well done the two biggest dunces in Australian politics today.

It is and should be a very simple matter to force Joyce out before he does more damage as his behaviour is now clearly out of control and defies every sense of good political judgement.

Good luck Mal and Barnaby, two leaders that have proven themselves to be not only incompetent and inept but thoroughly destructive.

Great choice Australia! Think next time you vote, people -- Joyce’s character and infantile nature was a known as was spineless Turnbull’s pursuit to get his portrait as one of Australia’s PMs in the Canberra gallery. Turnbull achieved his dream but seemed to forget that PMs LEAD nations and have a JOB to do -- well, fuckin’ do it, you clown!

Follow link below to read recorded comments made by both conservative idiots:

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