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American Culture Indicted -- Yet Another Tragic School Shooting
by shiela Wednesday, Feb 14 2018, 7:55pm
international / prose / post

America specialises in the killing of INNOCENT civilians world wide -- tens of millions to date -- it is a cultural mindset that has plagued the nation since its war of independence and early genocides of native Americans. Today America exports this poisonous mentality to the wider world, America can infamously boast of approximately 12 million innocent souls murdered in pursuit of PROFIT since the Vietnam war, which, the manic pursuit of profit, was also the main reason for the slaughter of native Americans -- they were simply in the way of ‘progress’ and the interests of the elite few. And so, is the world surprised by the latest school shooting in Florida? Not really.

American corporations profit from the manufacture of weapons, which the nation sells abroad, it supplies numerous nations to feed its weapons industry and cares little on whom these weapons are used -- Mexican and Latin American criminals delight in America’s lax gun laws. You see, the problem remains the same, greed and profit at any cost. However, today this poisonous ideology is becoming internalised and now affects locals particularly alienated, via insidious Big IT’s digital means, social media etc, which is anything but social -- again we see clearly that profit is top priority and the negative effects on youth development and the social fabric doesn’t come into it. So expect more of the same, as AMERICA IS A VERY SICK NATION/CULTURE INDEED.

The US military is currently illegally occupying Syria and dispensing death as USUAL, after disrupting numerous other nations in the region, with an INNOCENT civilian death toll that Satan would envy. This beligerent mass murderous ideology MUST cease.

Of course a sick nation is unable to cure itself as it imagines it is special, ‘exceptional’ a symptom of psychosis; like all nutters it imagines itself justified in its avaricious murdering behaviour. However, what the WORLD SEES is mayhem and mass murder in the grossly illegal VIOLENT pursuit of resources and profit. And so it is the responsibility of the civilised WORLD to intervene, as we have seen the results of inaction over the past two decades, wanton American wars and other crimes against HUMANITY now plague the world.

Of course if we project this cultural tendency into the future we see ONLY evermore destruction and the loss of many more lives -- for what? So a bunch of CLEARLY psychotic mega-wealthy elitists can feed their money and power addiction to the great cost of world peace and stability.

America however, is unable to look in the mirror and see itself for what it is, a supremely EVIL child of SATAN of course hiding behind Christian, evangelical fundamentalism. It is clear the world MUST resist this nation at all costs, as it is now openly threatening to nuke entire nations that do not comply with its psychotic demands and supplicate to the horned God of blood guts, avarice and total destruction.

A recent poem posted to this site delivers the same message through the poetic medium, there are always reasons why certain behaviours manifest and it is those reasons that should be addressed not the guns specifically though they should also be regulated.

If America, as a clearly psychotic culture chooses to ignore the civilised world then the problem must be contained and that is done by withdrawing support and ostracism if necessary; if American culture then chooses not to heed sanity and prefers to become a PARIAH nation and implode, as all its insane aggression would then be internalised, then so be it. You see, while America externalises its sickness onto other nations it has no hope of self-reflection and positive reform, a cure can never be effected while the person/nation does not first admit its illness.

Sick America views the other as enemy, perhaps that is exactly how the disturbed youth viewed his innocent victims in the latest of many more to come, horrific, senseless killings. American violent mass murdering culture stands indicted and naked. It is supremely clear that America is in dire need of help today. Whether the world takes action to assist is an unknown but what's known is that if the world fails its responsibility to assist, then it will pay a huge price, as clearly America in the 21st century is LOST and dangerous.

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