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We are ONE


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Google, your data suppression methods are obvious, easily recorded, abysmally inept and generally pathetic.

The simple fact that you actively engage in suppressing this and other alternative news sites means we have won and TRUTH will prevail in the end.
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Surveillance Capitalism -- How CIA Supported Google is Tracking Your Every Move
by jess Friday, Feb 9 2018, 7:05pm
international / prose / post

Google and Facebook's algorithms are insidious and have been proven to be detrimental to youth development and society at large -- in fact, these two CIA supported and shaped mega-IT companies are, as they stand, horrendous threats to the social fabric of any society. They are now engaged in outright censorship of the free flow of information on the internet. This site receives less than 5 unique search hits from Google per month, more often less than 2 -- ridiculous as we are fully aware of SEO methods -- though our sys-admins have successfully compensated for this overt censorship/backgrounding via advanced IT methods and a huge subscriber base and mailing list. Nevertheless, our record from logs over 15 years since the inception of our parent site, easily illustrate Google's unsavoury tactics with sites that do not comply or agree with the government/CFR fake news propaganda discourse.


The video below is no surprise to experts but serves to alert the masses of the dangers of illegal tracking and the most intrusive privacy invasions in world history.

The point is we -- the OVERWHELMING masses -- have the collective power to do something about it by simply demanding these insidious companies cease their surveillance practices.

Governments are supposed to regulate and ensure personal freedoms but governments beholden to Corporations, of course serve their masters. So the answer is install independent REPRESENTATIVE democratic governments that represent the wishes of the people/MAJORITY.

Political stooges are easily identified -- boycott them all. Major parties in every western nation are already owned so forget them at election time, binary selections are absurd in any democracy, however, it has been intentionally arranged and supported by media moguls that the people are only presented with a choice between a 'vomit or a turd' -- it needn't be. Vote for anyone that is not captive to the deep state and corporate interests as these unrepresentative, minority interests CLEARLY are diametrically opposed to the people's and NATION'S best interests.

The choice is stark today, either act and ensure freedom and REAL democracy or be completely ENSLAVED by nefarious CRIMINAL minority forces. BE aware that no social force exists today that is able to resist the unified PERSISTENT demands of the PEOPLE -- that simple, but we MUST ACT together and that does not mean adopting the existing model of 'followers and leaders' -- resist all temptations to adopt and conform to either category -- we are all sovereign and INHERENTLY share certain common characteristics/interests as human beings, not the least being Freedom from Exploitation and Intrusions on personal privacy.


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