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by rayn Saturday, Feb 3 2018, 10:46pm
international / poetry / post

ur face is beautiful indeed
but i am not taken by it tho
the perfect symmetry, balance
and shape of ur features
create the illusion of beauty

it is ur soul i seek, that inner light,
radiating thru ur eyes separate from
the colours of ur irises, trapped in fleshy
almond frames, now showing age
tho ur inner glow never grows old

u are watching me watching u
but u do not understand what i am seeing
u have been trained to use your physical appearance
to capture --
u begin to undress before me, slowly,
ever so slowly that one would think u had practiced
for years

u reveal ur breasts so perfect in their contours
u move in the light manipulating tones so ur body
appears more perfect than it is
yet i remain transfixed on ur inner light
which is shapeless tho saturated in other qualities
of which u are unaware

u remove ur lower garments like a dying swan,
yet i remain fascinated by the quality
of ur moving light, tho u imagine it is ur body i marvel at

the pleasing aesthetic is not lost on me but u
remain unaware of my focus

u move gracefully toward me until ur face is immediate
and ur arms encircle my body
u press ur pubis firmly on mine hoping for a reaction,
an erection, perhaps
but with my mind fixed on ur light my body
does not react

u tilt ur head slightly, inquiring without speech
i smile and return to my body, which reacts immediately
u respond with a smile and kiss my lips then lower ur face
to my groin

i am now in a dilemma, should i lead u astray by surrendering to
ur seduction or should i return to my original focus so u learn
that there is something more/stronger than physical beauty
that only superficially attracts?

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