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American Regulatory and Intel Agencies Rotten to the Core
by Ted Snider via cyd - Consortium News Thursday, Feb 1 2018, 8:26pm
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Indeed, as the following story and history verifies, FBI, CIA and NSA crimes against the NATION/people are plentiful, particularly destroying evidence that could compromise their fellow criminals in high places, if not the entire cancerous deep state itself.

Meanwhile, these nefarious agencies think nothing of invading the privacy and monitoring innocent CITIZENS, all of which information remains on record; now note the lame NSA excuse -- deleted to “free-up space.” Pathetic and laughable as the days of 10mg hard drives and floppy discs are long gone, notwithstanding that 'space' has never been an issue for these agencies at the time of the intentional deletions -- who are these CRIMINAL clowns trying to kid?

What it all CLEARLY adds to is CORRUPTION/criminality at the highest levels of government and its institutions, on a grand scale and YET no heads ever roll over the exposure of these outrageous crimes, a letter of reprimand is not even a slap on the wrist; however, if you're colored and unarmed you could be shot to death by the American police state, that unfortunate REALITY also applied to a blonde, blue-eye female Australian living in the USA. The offending police officers are safe in the hands of their criminal peers. It would seem that rules that apply to the people do not apply to those in high office yet EVERYONE should be accountable under the LAW.

The sad fact for the American people is that all the crimes listed in the article below remain on public record as a reminder of the cowardice and complete ENSLAVEMENT of the "brave" American population, which clearly deserves their criminal governments and agencies -- yea, doodle dandies, YOU ARE USELESS, reality dictates that FACT!

A personal friend in Australia, had a gun drawn on him for jay-walking while vacationing in Texas by the fascist American police though he was one step from the opposite curb, the police ordered him to return under threat of being shot. All this and much worse for American citizens, while white-collar and 'uniformed' criminals in high places have a field day breaking serious LAWS and paying no price for THEIR KNOWN crimes.

America, the WORLD is AWARE, you are a cot-case, "home of the chicken-shits and land of the enslaved!" That is the REALITY, but please turn on your TVs and digital devices and consume all the bullshit and fantasies stating otherwise.

The failure of this State for a multitude of reasons is a foregone conclusion/guaranteed -- live with it if you continue to tolerate corruption and OVERT crime in these agencies, the courts and other once important State institutions.

Article follows:

Though it received disturbingly little attention – perhaps a symptom of desensitization to news that we are constantly being surveilled – it was recently revealed that the National Security Agency (NSA) destroyed data about some of its surveillance activity that it was under court order to preserve. The NSA was ordered to save the data in 2007 because of pending lawsuits over the questionable legality of Bush ordered warrantless wiretaps of American digital and telecommunications. The data was evidence, and the NSA destroyed evidence.

It seems that the NSA not only destroyed evidence but serially mislead the courts by claiming that it was complying with court orders while it simultaneously was not in compliance: the NSA was not preserving internet communications that were intercepted for several years between 2001 and 2007. Though as late as 2014, the NSA was assuring the court that it was “preserving magnetic/digital tapes of the Internet content intercepted under the [Presidential Surveillance Program] since the inception of the program,” the NSA has now confessed that assurance “may have been only partially accurate.”

The NSA claims that the destruction of data happened unintentionally during a general cleaning undertaken to “free-up space.” It is remarkable that the NSA has managed to save virtually every communication that every one has made in case it could be used against him but was not competent enough to avoid accidentally deleting data that could be used against them.

The NSA is not the only American intelligence agency to have spied on Americans and lied about it. That began at least 65 years ago. At that time, the CIA’s Soviet Russia Division began recording the names and addresses on letters being mailed by Americans to the Soviet Union. The purpose was to identify possible Soviet spies in America, but the letters were never opened.

That all changed, though, in December of 1955, when CIA Counterintelligence chief Jim Angleton requested and received authorization to open and copy the content of the letters. The surveillance operation was codenamed HT/LINGUAL, and, by 1958, when the FBI joined in the illegal fun, it was opening over 8,000 letters a year. The FBI name for the joint program was Project HUNTER. By 1967, the number of letters read by LINGUAL/HUNTER reached 23,617.

Whereas the modern-day NSA had to destroy evidence of surveillance the president had authorized, the CIA had no such need to destroy evidence to protect the president because the president never knew. According to CIA historian John Prados, no American president ever knew about Project LINGUAL. It had been kept secret, not just from Americans, but from their presidents: all of them.

Later, though, like the NSA, the CIA would need to employ the Orwellian memory hole to keep their secrets. In 2016, the CIA “mistakenly” destroyed its copy of the Senate report on detention and torture, and then, in an “inadvertent” error, deleted the hard disk backup. The report is full of files on the CIA’s use of torture techniques, including waterboarding. Like the NSA, the CIA was simultaneously assuring the court that it was compliantly preserving the document, and, like the NSA, the CIA claimed the deletion was “inadvertent.”

But that was not the first time that the CIA deliberately destroyed evidence of torture. In May of 2002, CIA director George Tenet promoted Jose A. Rodriguez to head of the CIA’s Counter-Terrorist Center. At the time, there were ninety-two videotapes that documented harsh interrogation: a euphemism for torture.

In a meeting held on January 10, 2003, CIA director Tenet made the decision to have those videotapes destroyed. The next month, in a meeting with congressional leaders, Rodriguez and others told Congress for the first time that “enhanced interrogation” – that is, torture – had been approved by lawyers and that there were videotapes. At that time, the CIA’s general consul, Scott Muller, informed the congressmen at the meeting that it was the intention of the CIA to destroy those videotapes. However, in the face of some opposition, the destruction plan was put on hold.

The CIA pretended at times that it wanted to destroy the tapes for reasons of national security and to protect the officers depicted in the tapes. But the real reason was the fear caused by the realization that the videotapes documented war crimes. The problem was that on May 11, 2004, White House lawyers Alberto Gonzales and David Addington explicitly ordered the CIA not to destroy the tapes. By November 2005, the CIA had been clearly instructed to confer with the White House before doing anything with the tapes.

But as the existence of black prison torture cites became known in 2005, Rodriguez explicitly set out to ensure the destruction of the taped evidence even though, by now—as in the NSA case today–that action would constitute destruction of evidence, since they had been subpoenaed as evidence by courts and commissions looking into torture following 9/11.

In November of 2005, Rodriguez personally ordered the destruction of the torture videotapes even though, by now, no less than seven court orders existed ordering their preservation. According to Washington Post reporter Dana Priest, he sent this order despite having just received a cable from CIA headquarters saying not to destroy them yet, but to hold on to them a little longer.

On March 2, 2009, the New York Times reported that federal prosecutors disclosed for the first time that the CIA had “destroyed 92 videotapes documenting the harsh interrogations of two Qaeda suspects in CIA detention.” The order to destroy the tapes, the Times says, was given by Jose A. Rodriguez Jr., who at the time was the head of the spy agency’s clandestine service.”

Although an accountability board found that Rodriguez had acted in violation of his knowledge that the CIA and the White House had ordered the tapes preserved, Rodriguez received only a letter of reprimand. He never went to prison for his crime. Neither did Jim Angleton. Neither, so far, has anyone from the NSA: evidence that, perhaps not only the public has become desensitized to mass surveillance and torture, but that Washington has too.

Evidence of illegal mass surveillance and of torture seem to go down the Washington memory hole like planes over the Bermuda Triangle.
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[And it's far worse today, you see, the NSA obviously has all the DIRT on Trump but refuses to release it, looks like it'll all go down the rabbit hole, as USUAL.]

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