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The INFORMATION/propaganda WAR -- the continuous war of our Time
by jake Saturday, Jan 27 2018, 9:07pm
international / prose / post

The masses are often distracted by physical war with its bombs, planes, ships and human casualties, very dramatic. However, history notes that prior to any military, confrontational war the common population/herd must be made compliant and accept that the leaders of the warring nation are fighting for some mythical cause such as freedom, liberty, justice, against ‘terror’ etc. It becomes clear that propaganda is the essential supporting factor behind all military wars, as without it the people would not fight or hesitate to fight; the Nazis perfected this method as the German population like other developed nations were highly educated, so (false) information became a necessity for criminal states.

Early photo of Ziggy Brzezinski advising CIA asset Bin Laden
Early photo of Ziggy Brzezinski advising CIA asset Bin Laden

Now note that America’s isolationist policies stalled its early involvement in WWI and to a lesser extent WWII. The population had to be tricked into war either with false flags e.g., the Nazi Reichstag fire, ‘Polish aggression’ and today, 9/11, or alternatively, the nation's elite, in possession of intelligence of an imminent enemy attack, allow it to occur; Pearl Harbor is a good historical example.

A warring, imperialist nation like the USA therefore MUST continually spew propaganda to maintain its perverse raison d’etre. Hence the US mass media has become the largest propaganda apparatus on the planet today, it never ceases spewing lies, distorting facts and shaping real news events to suit its purposes -- in other words it is essentially FAKE.

The continuous information war for any imperial power is of necessity, as the US faces revolt/discontent from within and without. Numerous ‘foreign’ nations are already displacing American economic power, which is the backbone of military power. Rome fell largely due to the fact that it bankrupted itself supporting its own military and foreign proxy fighters. Once the monetary means fail, the nation/empire fails, as occurred recently with the Soviet Union.

So it’s a proven formula of which the US is well aware, so roll out evermore more lies and false flags, NO CHOICE!

People from other western nations may falsely believe that media lies/propaganda/fake news is an American problem, however, if we trace the source of all western news it emanates from very few wires/sources IN AMERICA, and is coordinated by media moguls all of which are members of the CFR. So no western nation is immune from American spun propaganda, though its effects are somewhat diluted in other nations/cultures which do not share America’s cultural consciousness, hence Trump’s popularity in the US is not reflected elsewhere, in fact the entire world views Trump as a puppet president and incompetent goose, which he clearly is.

Nevertheless, the major import of propaganda stories affects all western nations as indeed many became involved with the Afghanistan, Iraq, Libyan and Syrian fiascos, all of which were/are criminal wars of aggression against weaker non-compliant -- with Washington’s dictates -- nations. We should also note that most of the compliant western nations that involved themselves in America’s criminal (proven today) wars are vassal states, which must be kept in the fold, otherwise America would become a pariah nation, which is occurring at speed today due to the Trump presidency.

Consequently all western masses/nations are subject to a 24/7 BARRAGE of AMERICAN SPUN BULLSHIT, and the world, as is evident, is worse off for it.

However, a simple cure presents itself, western people are becoming aware that digital and other media today is THEIR enemy. The masses have been targeted and their inalienable right to privacy trashed in order for large corporations that own American ‘governments’ to profit. They use mind-manipulating, socially toxic means to do this, now proven. They clearly could care less for the health and safety of their populations and the social fabric, they profit from war and social enslavement -- pure and simple. So why would anyone subscribe to, or believe ANYTHING that emanates from entities (mass media, social media etc) that promulgate lies and spy on individuals in order to enslave, socially manage and profit from -- people are considered a compliant, expendable resource today?

Only fools would believe anything in the mass media or the manipulative political shit that issues from Big Tech's social media outlets, it’s all designed to serve profit and enslavement, FACT!

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