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Tricks of Political Ruling Elites
by judy Wednesday, Jan 17 2018, 11:44pm
international / prose / post

Inversion is probably the biggest trick of all in politics. For instance, it should be widely know that Democracy is MAJORITY rule either via representation or direct participation. Now the reality, in EVERY so-called democratic nation MINORITY rule applies, either by installing political puppets in office that lie to the people and then serve minorities or by forcing real representatives to toe elite policies, as various parliaments or the American Congress is owned by the elite, which provides handsome rewards to those willing to sellout their countries and the MAJORITY in favour of minority service/benefits. As previously stated that is the current status quo in all western ‘democracies,’ majority interests are discarded in favour of minority interests. Bottom line, there are no nations that are democratic! The people are PERSISTENTLY lied to then back-stabbed, choose any western nation and apply this reality for verification.

Of course if it was broadcast daily on the media that the above is occurring in democratic nations then the people would act to RESTORE real democracy, but it never is broadcast, the truth is NEVER broadcast for reasons that it does not serve minority interests, in fact it downright subverts and opposes minority interests.

Now the role of misinformation and propaganda in perpetuating the LIE of Freedom and Democracy. First it should be noted that every person in every democratic nation is a debt slave whether rich or poor, CREATED, socially engineered debt is endemic in all democracies as debt serves elite interests by generating ever more wealth for elites and maintaining a tight captive harness on otherwise angry hordes suffering injustice, inequality, unfair distribution of national wealth, etc,which I should state, is OWNED by every citizen not particular minority groups that have stolen the greater share disguising it as corporate profit when in fact it is national wealth and should be equitably distributed. Of course we see none of that, instead we see minorities increasing THEIR share of the pie, while citizens, the MAJORITY, are forced to share a tiny ever diminishing wedge. Clearly that is not democracy, it is economic exploitation. But you would never see or hear of that reality broadcast on the privately owned mass media, as indeed, media moguls are members of the minority socialist elite, which always cooperates to exploit and enslave the MAJORITY. Democracy? In your dreams. The means by which these lies become social realities are misinformation, intentional information omissions, distraction and propaganda.

When information systems are owned by elite interests do not expect these apparatuses to serve the majority, regardless of what these systems say, they MUST serve minority owners and therefore must perpetually lie to the majority.

Whenever large societies form direct means of information (a tiger or snake in the jungle) are always displaced by an elite class that become the disseminators of information. Priest classes once filled this role, however, today it is owned by commercial, not theocratic interests, but the effect is the same, only ‘selected’ and/or fabricated ‘information’ is disseminated to the majority to ensure the continuation of ideological and real slavery, which reduces again to elite rule, as the truth of minority rule is always known by minority ruling elites, self evident.

So if anyone imagines they live in a democracy think again SLAVES, ideological and economic. And if we consider that the means of creating money is now in private, minority not public hands, it becomes evermore obvious that everything is a sham.

However, that does not dis-empower the masses which group at any time could seize power, as they are only dealing with a tiny minority, fear-ridden elites. The means to real freedom and democracy are awareness and the reformation of social value systems which are only sustained via mass subscription. In other words if you fail to subscribe to superimposed, elite-serving false cultural values, simply unsubscribe and create alternatives, then remove already faultering false values; which leads to the public repossession of all available wealth and social knowledge. All that is required then is ACTION to translate ideological concepts to social REALITIES.

Enjoy your freedom from oppression and unrepresentative elite rule, if you would!

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