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The Normalisation of LYING and False Flag Terrorist Attacks in US Politics
by lex Wednesday, Jan 17 2018, 9:39pm
international / prose / post

Just when you think it couldn’t get worse the Washington Post publishes an article claiming that Trump stated that a terrorist attack would save his regime in the mid-terms, cop that for the normalisation of State criminality!

It not enough that candidates LIE through their teeth to get elected, “draining the Washington swamp” and “jailing Hillary,” arch criminal Clinton, now false flag terrorist attacks have been normalised as mainstream political methodology. So once again it is the PEOPLE that must accept RESPONSIBILITY for these outrageous outcomes, due to the established FACT that they always sit back and take it up the arse. Never have the masses been so completely neutralised as an effective force in democratic politics. So please bend over once again, you useless, powerless non-entities.

It’s not enough that Trump reneges on all his promises, back-flips and serves the interests of unrepresentative elites with tax ‘reforms' that serve the rich and the slow demolition of social services and safety nets, now Republicans are ready to allow the killing of innocent Americans for political gain!

Indeed, INTEGRITY is a lost cause in the USA. It is impossible today to elect any candidate on his/her word as no penalties exist to either remove or prosecute LIARS in politics, yet the courts continue to act on flagrant fraud in every day life.

The people must force the judiciary and regulators to ACT when EXISTING laws are flagrantly disregarded by officials, especially our LYING LEADERS, to apply to rogue criminal elements in politics or they must accept slavery and criminal LIARS in power that are ready to capitalise on terrorist attacks and exploit the situation to remain in power.

And if you wish to lay blame for these appalling outcomes then responsibility is obvious, point the finger at the reflection in the mirror, as it’s YOU that must take the blame, as you have by your lack of participation and lack of demands that laws should apply to ALL, which has created the current social/political nightmare -- there’s no AVOIDING the obvious fact and reality.

With that stated, I hope Trump destroys all social services and social safety nets and puts every gutless wonder on the streets to beg for handouts as CLEARLY that’s all the people deserve, as their apathy has earned these ‘rewards.’ The more elitists like Trump serve their own selfish interests and screw average people, the sooner the people may realise they MUST ACT in order to survive.

So bring it on, Donald, you pathologically lying fraud, dunce and mentally flawed sociopath, the people can’t get enough cruelty, abuse and hardship from elitist PIGS, a few more remotely controlled jet liners, well placed bombs or more anthrax attacks perhaps -- they will do nothing but cower in fear and beg for an abusive ‘daddy state’ to protect them from the big bad wolf.

Do it, Republicans, as it’s plain to see, the collective IQ of the masses is in the minuses and their ability to act on principle and justice is NON-EXISTENT. Americans are clearly not worth a pinch of shit and should be treated accordingly.

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