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Targeting a Rich Sick Racist President
by jaxie Monday, Jan 15 2018, 7:23pm
international / prose / post

After Trump’s “shithole countries" remarks, which were in keeping with his racist character and support base, one group has figured how to hurt, in the true sense, this sick rich individual. Unlike major corps and banks Trump's income is largely based on public real estate assets. Now consider the fact that his businesses are in HUGE debt to major banks locally and internationally and a clear, simple but highly effective strategy appears.

Recently an outraged group has been visually projecting “SHITHOLE” on Trump’s major hotel assets but it’s not enough, the most effective way to hurt Trump and his family businesses is by boycotting his enterprises which are public support based.

Without adequate income from his assets Trump’s monstrous debts would overwhelm his enterprises, and if you know how important money is to the rich, this strategy is sublime. Attack Trump’s pockets in every way, visual projections should be a beginning not end.

The fact is ALL businesses are dependent on income to counterbalance debt, and if that income is easily targeted by the PUBLIC then it’s a done deal, hit the creep in the pocket until he goes under whether he remains president or not.

All it takes is boycott, treat Trump’s businesses like the plague and allow financial forces to do the rest. Too easy!

Every person has the power if of a mind to do something about it.

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