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The Puppet and Slave Show
by james Wednesday, Jan 10 2018, 10:09pm
international / prose / post

It is no secret that all recent US presidents serve unrepresentative corporate and financial elite interests, which always prefer to remain behind the scenes. These interests OWN both major parties in the US and other ‘democratic’ nations around the globe. These so-called democratic nations all have one thing in common, leaders that lie through their teeth to get elected and then serve elite interests, which interests are largely against the exploited public interest. This is no secret.

So the elite owned mass media, directed by the elite membership of the CFR goes to great lengths to present puppets as responsible, the mass and alternative media are currently awash with Trump this and Trump that, notwithstanding that almost all seasoned journalists are aware that Trump is simply a puppet, now obvious.

My obvious question is why persist in blaming or focusing on a meaningless, ineffective idiot president when it’s the forces that placed and sustain him in power that are responsible. I would add that the faces/identities that comprise the deep state and shadow government are known, though by working collectively together no one person could be held more accountable/responsible than another, and so a dilemma exists.

Faced with this dilemma, exposing how this milleux functions in secret, becomes almost impossible, their meetings and attendees though known are always held in secret and by invitation only; truly this approach and its associated security structure works and is highly efficient, the best outsiders can do is identify who attends and speculate, which doesn’t feed the front pages on a daily basis as no follow-up stories could easily be obtained. Though we know the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world attend these meetings on regular bases, again no secret, but their plans and agendas remain shrouded in mystery to outsiders and proving intent or anything else, is nigh impossible.

So fall guys that accept public focus are required and are essential to elite interests, in other words, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Dictators, etc; most of which today are extreme narcissists wishing only to appear as world leaders to the masses, whereas reality dictates they lead nothing but a dumbed-down, oppressed ignorant public that accepts this absurd status quo without the appropriate historical responses; all policies today are dictated to puppet leaders by the real rulers behind the scenes, which are known, loosely comprising of media moguls, executives of the world’s largest companies, banks and financial institutions, which as a matter of necessity COOPERATE to increase their wealth and power, while playing divide and conquer with a mindless public that believe their leaders actually lead and are responsible. I mean who really gives a shit about narcissistic, SERVILE impotent, clowns?

Now note for instance, the amazing degree of Trump saturation in the media, it really is unparalleled in modern history. Now, would it be helpful to the shadowy elite to have a puppet take ALL attention away from their nefarious agendas? You bet it would, Trump’s primary role is obvious, to attract like blow-flys to shit the entire media of the world and what a great job Trump and his supportive media are doing duping entire nations and the global population.

Clearly this tragic circus is in drastic need of REAL CHANGE, that is, if the now debt-enslaved masses aspire to FREEDOM, justice and a fair playing field. However, the flaw is that the public rely on information supplied by the clearly biased MEDIA, it doesn’t matter whether reporters are for or against Trump as long as Trump remains the focal point of ‘news;’ are you able to see what you are prevented from seeing or reading?

The mass media is largely privately owned so all information that emanates from it is suspect, however, the ALTERNATIVE media has not as yet been yoked into submission YET the imbeciles that populate the alternative media ALSO focus on Trump as they are too lazy or unable to report the REAL news to the masses, much to the glee of the real rulers of the world, and that FOLLY is UNFORGIVABLE as the alternative media is acutely AWARE that Trump and all other leaders in democratic nations are puppets.

And so the elite status quo never misses a beat, largely due to the gutless and/or dim-witted personalities that write for the alternative media, which, as is evident, is no REAL alternative at all.

As long as the elite are able to capture the entire media in binary oppositions -- for or against a particular subject of THEIR choice -- absolutely NOTHING in the public interest would change for the better.

So nose-ringed slaves, accept your shit sandwiches and debt-chains joyfully as clearly you deserve what little you get; the fat cats have got you ALL fucked! That is the long and short of western social reality today.

Has it ever occurred to the masses to unite and cooperate as do the elites and fuck THEM for a change?

We are ONE or we are NOTHING -- FACT!

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