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The Trump White House From a Different Perspective
by jude Sunday, Jan 7 2018, 7:48pm
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Depending on how you view any situation you arrive at certain conclusions creating a reality for yourself -- there is no escaping this post-modernist view, which is proven daily. Safety of course is enabled by numbers, my views align with such and such ‘powerful’ entities, so I’m safe.

Yet clearly reality in places of power is always in process and morphing every which way and that; a White House that is clearly policy, agenda and target devoid ensures certain undesirable outcomes. In other words a White House that has no leadership, populated by self-interested parties playing the situation in order to extract various forms of personal benefits, must fail. Really, there is nothing complicated about an agenda devoid political dunce and cognitively impaired president. So why not go for personal gain as there is nothing else on offer?

However, the result is that chaos rules and personal gain therefore becomes suicide, nearly every man/woman-jack that began with Trump in the White House is gone, most are facing serious issues due to criminal investigations, Russiagate being the cover for investigations into financial misconduct and other nefarious crimes/pursuits.

Today we have a revolving door merry-go-round White House about as dysfunctional as it’s possible to get. I need not project into the future as this house of chaotic cards is already teetering on collapse, the reasons are too numerous to cite individually, though any one of which could/would do the trick.

Now the alternative view.

While the media is obsessed with Trump saturation, as they are forced by competitors to cover the usual inanities on the Hill, few are attempting an objective analysis as it doesn't attract advertising dollars. For instance, who stands to really gain from the Trump presidency? Well, that is almost a rhetorical question as clearly America’s enemies are dancing for joy that America has shot itself in the head, all their subversive efforts to weaken US power pale compared to destructive Trump himself, a hapless, imbecilic buffoon is single-handedly destroying the nation.

For example, Trump’s thoughtless, shallow and uninformed assessment of Pakistan and his resulting imbecilic tweet has resulted in Pakistan ordering 1.5 million Afghan refugees to return home to Afghanistan in 30 days, the result of that tactic would be a massive destabilisation in US held Kabul the only centre of US influence in the country. The Taliban, regional warlords and a motley bunch of Islamist groups would receive a huge boost in numbers from the forced repatriation of refugees, indeed, the security of Kabul is likely to be threatened, notwithstanding the outnumbered American forces on the ground who stand to suffer heavy losses in the near and mid-term future, good work pres, Trump.

Of course the Chinese, Russians, Iran, Hezbollah and numerous other nations/groups couldn’t be happier, nothing they could do alone or concerted could equal the destructive power of Trump as president, though of course various US institutions believe they have Trump in check, well, my response to that delusion is, have you ever tried to herd cats? A mentally unstable narcissist (NPD) is more difficult to manage than unruly cats.

The longer Trump remains in power the happier are the INCREASING number of US enemies, they are all waiting for their moment to attack, weaken and displace this failing, by the day, former superpower.

And so I would suggest to the alternative media that they like their mesmerised mass media cousins, should do everything possible to support Trump in power, Mueller’s investigation would not be ready to proceed with charges for another 12 months, in which time Trump could actually finish the nation for good; today no leading nation that allows itself to fall behind has a hope of regaining ground, as that ground is IMMEDIATELY lost to competitors.

Forget the possibility that Trump could trigger a nuclear war, it won’t happen as the Pentagon is aware that such a war would escalate into WWIII, which no-one could ‘win;’ nevertheless, as has already been proven, the Trump White House is serving the interests of US enemies, much to the glee of Asian and European competing nations, which now include former US allies.

This horrendous outcome is not unknown in the USA, however, the nation is in the grip of irresistible forces, a cancer if you will, with no central authority/control, powerful though these forces are, they are also self-interested and vie against each other for power and a greater share of the lucrative pie. Therefore, America’s fatal march (RACE) to oblivion is ASSURED. Indeed, many informed and educated Americans see it coming, a run-away train is hard to miss.

No entity in the USA, including the deep state or shadow government is able to turn the tide, otherwise they would have done it by now -- quite simply it’s OVER; the future for America is locked in, and in the end it would have all been accomplished INTERNALLY!

So more Trump, please!

And for those interested I am Australian, a nation of people opposed to our slavish, spineless major parties/governments and the treachery the CIA has perpetrated on the nation and former leaders, historical fact.

Australia's critical geo-strategic location in the world today has never been fully exploited, South Pacific and South East Asian nations could hardly refuse an arrangement that benefits all parties and forms a new united block of power in the world, and fuck you America; Aussies couldn't be happier about your forthcoming demise. And don't bank on our airfields, ports, Pine Gap and other US spy installations for much longer. Australia, with skilled independent leadership could easily become a force for good with other nations in the region. In fact the WORLD needs America like it needs a hole in the head!

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