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Pakistan Just Shoved Boot Down America’s Throat -- thanks, “stable genius” Donald
by james - Oriental Review Saturday, Jan 6 2018, 8:49pm
international / prose / post

Indeed, Trump the shallowest thinker in the history of politics, unintentionally invited Pakistan to teach America a lesson it would not soon forget. Pakistan has just ordered over 1.3 million Afghan refugees to leave the country and return home in 30 days. Of course the effect is entirely predictable, thanks to “stable genius”, in his own words, Trump, who thoughtlessly tweeted the following:

"stable genius" and "very smart," MORON
"stable genius" and "very smart," MORON


The United States has foolishly given Pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in aid over the last 15 years, and they have given us nothing but lies & deceit, thinking of our leaders as fools. They give safe haven to the terrorists we hunt in Afghanistan, with little help. No more!
11:12 PM - Jan 1, 2018

Clueless Trump only sees and assesses surface events, he has proven time and again -- Australian refugee swap -- that he is utterly incapable of assessing deeper implications, consequences and seeing the larger picture; well, he is about to reap a whirlwind.

Pakistan by forcing 1.5 million Afghan refugees to return home would increase the power of the fighting Taliban’s opposition to the American OCCUPATION almost overnight, notwithstanding Afghanistan is already teetering on total revolution due largely to America’s inept efforts to forcefully colonise the country -- after 14 years of failed occupation one would think Washington dunces would learn they have failed miserably. Installing puppet leaders, whose range of influence has never extended past the city limits of Kabul is a great example of American lack of expertise. China on the other hand has done it softly, business and investment, not stupid war against a fiercely independent people/nation, which is widely known as the ‘graveyard of empires.’

The Afghan situation is a thorough American made mess, though Trump’s “genius” has recently tipped the scales. America has no hope of containing or ever colonising Afghanistan in the future, though it had little to begin with. It’s early ‘successes’ were really achieved by the Afghan Mujah Hadeem, of course armed by the CIA to oppose and weaken a Soviet occupation, which unexpectedly resulted in the collapse of the over-extended Soviet Union, much to the astonishment of the USA at the time, though $billions are delivered to intel agencies by tax payers annually -- these agencies didn’t have a clue, they were/are fixated on perpetual war, destabilisation and ‘regime change,’ a euphemism for installing compliant puppet leaders in weak nations.

Presently the US military falsely believe they have Trump in their pockets but they too have failed to appreciate the danger of a political dunce and unpredictable demented moron as supreme commander. Good luck Pentagon, your boy has just delivered a gift you would ‘enjoy’ for many failed years to come.

Clearly the only way to succeed in Afghanistan, which should be obvious, is trade, investment and mutually beneficial relations, as China has demonstrated with its vast trade and investment strategies throughout the Asian WORLD, which of course will win the day and future to come.

Once again, Trump has proven -- by the fact that he is president -- that American culture is in rapid decline, yet the gooses in Washington remain fixated on failed neocon strategies. Like Trump, the corrupted leaders are unable to see the forest for the trees.

The fact is that the USA, like the former Soviet Union has overextended itself economically and militarily and MUST fall, notwithstanding the ENTIRE WORLD is tired of trading with an essentially worthless paper dollar (printed on demand by the USA to its great advantage) and America’s NEEDLESS wars; China has already offered a gold pegged currency to replace the paper dollar and peaceful business relations instead of war. So which nation do you imagine would see success in the future? Though even the obvious is not detected by the myopic, shallow-thinkers in the USA, the entire population is barely able to think at all, yay Trump, the most incompetent politician on planet earth today, a fitting leader for a failing imperial nation that is unable to reform and change to save itself.

See following article from Oriental Review for additional information:

Pakistan’s Asymmetrical Response To Trump Is A Clever Way To Flip The Tables On Afghanistan
by Andrew Korybko

Pakistan’s announcement that it will seek the expulsion of over 1,5 million Afghan refugees in the next 30 days is being tacitly justified by Trump’s tweet and channels his zero-tolerance stance towards immigration from “terrorist”-prone states, but it also represents the employment of reverse-“Weapons of Mass Migration” in pushing Kabul closer towards the edge of collapse and consequently filling the Taliban’s rank of supporters.

Trump is going to soon regret what he tweeted about Pakistan on New Year’s Day in accusing it of “giving safe haven to terrorists”, since Islamabad is poised to hit Washington with an asymmetrical counterpunch that it surely won’t forget.

The Pakistani government just announced that over 1.5 million Afghan refugees must leave the country within the next 30 days, a plan that it’s been working on for a while but which just received a fresh impetus and internationally-acceptable justification with Trump’s tweet.

Had it not been for the American President’s zero-tolerance towards immigration from what his administration labels as “terrorist”-prone countries, which crucially includes Afghanistan for substantial and not political reasons (as the latter relates to Iran’s inclusion and Saudi Arabia’s exclusion), then Pakistan would have risked drawing heavy pressure from the State Department on exaggerated claims that it’s “violating the human rights” of the refugees.

Trump, however, said that Pakistan was “giving safe haven to terrorists”, and since the US formally regards Afghan refugees as being too much of a potential security hazard to allow into its own country, it’s forced to accept Pakistan’s expulsion of 1,5 million of them on the implicit basis that they also constitute a serious terrorist threat to the state such as the one that the President just tweeted about.

This isn’t at all what Trump meant when he issued his tweet, nor the reaction that he was expecting, but by cleverly exploiting the President’s own policies at home and the suggestion he was making towards Pakistan abroad, Islamabad found a creative way to asymmetrically strike back at Washington.

Not only could Pakistan soon rid itself of actual terrorist sleeper cells and societal malcontents who have long overstayed their welcome in the neighboring country, it will also be catalyzing a series of cascading crises for Kabul through the employment of what can be described as reverse-“Weapons of Mass Migration”.

To briefly explain, Ivy League researcher Kelly M. Greenhill introduced the concept of “Weapons of Mass Migration” in 2010 to describe the ways through which large-scale population movements — whether “naturally occurring”, engineered, or exploited — impact on their origin, transit, and destination societies, theorizing that this phenomenon can have a strategic use in some instances.

Of relevance, the influx of millions of Afghan “Weapons of Mass Migration” into Pakistan since 1979 had the effect of destabilizing the host country’s border communities and eventually contributing to the spree of terrorist attacks that have since claimed over 60,000 lives in the past 15 years, but now the large-scale and rapid return of these “weapons” to their country of origin will also inevitably destabilize Afghanistan.

The landlocked and war-torn country is utterly unable to accommodate for what amounts to a roughly 3% increase in its total population in the next 30 days, especially seeing as how the Kabul government exerts little influence beyond the capital and has no sway in the approximate half of the country that’s under the control of the Taliban.

The US-backed Afghan government is already failing its citizens as it is and that’s why so many of them have either joined the Taliban or sympathize with it in the first place, so the odds of the returned refugees successfully reintegrating into their homeland’s socio-economic fabric and becoming “model citizens” is close to nil, meaning that it should be expected that the vast majority of these 1,5 million people will more than likely come to side with the Taliban than Kabul and consequently make the country much more difficult for the US to control.

In essence, what Pakistan has done is throw Trump’s tweet right back at him by using it as the internationally plausible pretext for initiating this long-planned move that was originally predicated on solely apolitical security-centric domestic interests but has now pertinently come to embody geostrategic contours by powerfully turning the tables against the US in Afghanistan through the employment of reverse-“Weapons of Mass Migration”.
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