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Coherence and Incoherence
by jake Sunday, Dec 31 2017, 3:09am
international / prose / post

It is easy to denounce Trump and the morons that continue to support him in view of his policies that clearly favour elite interests and create evermore hardships for the dispossessed white American working class that stupidly continue to support Trump. Though Trump is smart enough to throw off on the ‘other’ as the problem, such as illegal immigrants, Muslims, foreigners in general, racism is always a handy political card to play, as humans by nature are tribal.

Quite obviously Trump has done absolutely NOTHING to lighten the burden on white working class Americans, for the simple reason he can’t, he is an elitist and is acutely aware that big money calls the shots in the USA. And so his policies must support the elitist class that are smacking their lips over Trump’s ‘new’ tax plan, meanwhile oatmeal is becoming the staple of the working class rust belt.

The media works overtime to deflect from the REAL causes of dispossession, in short, offshoring jobs and the gutting of the manufacturing sector in America. This reality is euphemistically termed globalism but workers cannot share in the profits from exploiting and raping poorer nations -- globalism only serves corporations as do tax havens.

The working class is aware what factors have resulted in their current plight but does not dare articulate the obvious, rather they lapse into cognitive and psychological incoherence, racism and other demented behaviors which are emotionally driven, they also have a good example of incoherence to follow in Trump, whose only talent is playing the image not the reality, that is, not addressing REALITY coherently -- the closest analogy I could make to Trump is that he’s a snake oil salesman, exploiting the desperation and needs of those amenable to accepting such ineffective, worthless, wonder cures.

There are many reasons why entire societies are forced into incoherence, the primary reason is deficiency in the form of not being able to do ANYTHING about prevailing circumstances, which is of course a LIE, working class Americans, if not cleverly divided by race, homophobia and a host of other petty social dislikes and likes, are easily able to TAKE their share of the nation’s wealth simply by force of numbers, they are also able to eliminate for good, all the rigged perks of globalist corporations that have created extra-ordinary wealth for THEMSELVES by exploiting vulnerable nations/people and avoiding TAX. But they don’t. They would rather fight each other over statues and blame scapegoats not those truly responsible for their plight, after all the race/emotive/tribal card clearly works in politics.

However, there is always a price to pay for not addressing and remedying REAL problems, as they would eventually and inevitably overwhelm.

Starting with removing an incoherent pathologically lying president for one and all the escalating social problems associated with his unrepresentative elitist rule and ending with the equitable distribution of wealth. It would do wonders as Trump is a figurehead of the callous, deceptive, cheating elites; however, Americans must not allow another servant of the elite to take office, there are no half-measures in transforming society.

A specialist military veteran could easily cure the problem that Trump poses for America and the world, however, it is the people that must ensure that another puppet does NOT replace him; that is an imperative if real reform and change is to be REAL-IZED. Selecting a leader from two already bought and owned candidates is another symptom of the incoherence that plagues American society and to a lesser extent, western Europe today.

If any nation or person approaches a social problem soberly and realistically we know that problem is easily solved, though some would take more time than others. Drastic change is not only required today it has become a necessity as the unrepresentative forces that lord over the masses are always ‘in it’ for themselves, ‘trickle down,’ my ass! All Trump need do to restore jobs and living standards is to ban offshoring and return those lost jobs to the USA, which would not only assist the local population but also the exploited populations of other nations. However, he is unable for the above stated reasons, so of what use or good is a captured, lying, pathologically flawed puppet to the people, particularly the people that are hurting most?

Please answer that for yourselves and perhaps the plague of incoherence would be eradicated and replaced with clear sighted, coherent fair policies for ALL Americans, not just a handful of avaricious fat cats.

The REAL problem is not Trump or any single individual or minority group, it is the incoherence of the population. An easily cured -- with UNITY of purpose -- social malaise. So have a very happy new year if you are of a mind to do so.

This video starts slow but stick with it.

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