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Have YOU Ever Wondered Why?
by stacey Saturday, Dec 23 2017, 8:59pm
international / prose / post

The most obvious change in the media today is that the horrors and consequences of needless wars are no longer reported on a daily basis as they were in the 60‘s when media ownership was diversified and less amenable to the control of nefarious elites. Rather than highlight the shocking devastation and cruel injustices of largely criminal wars of aggression, we have bogeymen and fabricated enemies confronting us all around, interesting considering that no western nation has been attacked by another state since WWII.

We are left with propaganda LIES, WMD (Iraq) al-Qaeda and ISIS etc, which proxy fighting groups were and are created, trained, supplied and supported by the USA and Saudi Arabia, fact, if you would care to research the matter and verify it for yourselves.

Where is the focus on ruined states and devastated lives that bring the horrors of wars into our living rooms and prick our consciences? Gone and replaced with crowd/perception management, unadulterated propaganda in other words, but in whose interests, obviously not ours?

Nefarious forces behind the scenes learned from the social revolutions and uprisings of the sixties and so they harnessed the mass media to serve their own interests; all of today’s media moguls are members of the CFR, what would that suggest to you? An organised club consisting of plutocrats that control editorial policy, western media is now a single apparatus that serves the UNREPRESENTATIVE sinister few and the masses are none the wiser because they continue to allow it to influence their lives.

Look objectively at today’s world leaders, placed in power by the same nefarious forces, they are all to a person servants, slaves to the ruling global elite which arrogantly determines the course of world events and treats the masses and LAW with the utmost contempt. That means YOU are expendable, yet YOU, the masses, have the power to restore justice and real democracy, as the evil forces number only a few and we number in the billions.

So, elite forces are forced to saturate the media with lies and propaganda to placate or distress the masses which allows for easier social control. We do not have REAL leaders, we have narcissists, buffoons and mental lepers beholden to the elites that threaten to remove them from power if they do not oblige their masters and toe THEIR line/agenda and horrid policies. Surely it should be obvious to ALL that after every ‘democratic’ election installed leaders then renege on their promises to the people and serve elite interests, so why tolerate these obvious liars, cowards and cheats in office for an instant?

Notice how world affairs have been reduced to infantile elementary school levels, with insults threats, bullying and brute force -- there is absolutely no difference in the behaviour of school kids and our leaders today, none whatsoever. Yet school kids are not able to wage nuclear or conventional wars, that privilege is reserved for the infantile personalities that we allow to lord over us. And so WE, the masses, have no excuses for the current condition of our world and ALL the horrific injustices it/WE face DAILY.

Now you tell me how it is possible that billions of morally sane people world wide are SUBJECT to the rule of lunatics, pathological personalities, aggressive maniacs (cowards) and nefarious self-serving elites that number only in the few hundreds, because I have no explanation other than simple misinformation, fabrications and heinous LIES constantly disseminated via the elite owned mass media?

We already know the mass media lies, it is the largest purveyor of fake news and lies on the planet, a brief review of the past 15 years of propaganda verifies the fact.

So whatever calamities occur in the future, YOU/I/WE would be in no position to point the finger of responsibility at anyone but ourselves -- that’s the Truth. And please never entertain the thought that we could do something constructive about it and easily change the evil status quo. Truly, slaves are fit for their designed mental and economic chains.

Merry fuckin' Xmas!

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