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Persistence Pays
by jack Friday, Oct 20 2017, 11:09pm
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As a youth it was easy to realise that the system we live in today is sick, more evident today than ever, as psychopaths and extremely psychologically sick individuals now lead nations -- Donald Trump, for instance.

Freud confirmed the fact together with most of the fledgling psychoanalytic community of the time; however, as a youth I had not read the works of these specialists, I INSTINCTIVELY became aware that the system was sick. What was my standard of measure to which I have adhered all my life, as it has never led me astray? NATURE, of course -- nature, the cosmos, existence, endures forever, it is CONTINUOUS, infinite in other words.

If we accept the infinite character of existence it becomes a simple math to multiply any presentation by infinity to determine whether it would persist or not, for instance, corporate pollution and destruction of the natural environment produced in order to turn a profit, multiplied by the continuous/infinity would see the earth completely devastated, poisoned and destroyed with all its life-forms. Profit-only driven, corporations in essence are destructive and perverse to the extreme, in America they have been given the status of human beings though clearly humans are sentient beings and corporations only have ONE primary motive, profit, clearly they do not deserve the status of sentient human beings, which are a complex species driven and inspired by numerous factors and an array of emotions and instincts.

Corporations are NOT sentient, furthermore their primary raison d’etre is necessarily destructive due to their mania to avoid the costs of maintaining a balanced, harmonious environment and humans are products of the natural environment and instinctively lean toward sustainable life situations. Humans are natural products and integral to nature that is why an uneducated youth was/is able to say NO instinctively to forces that are perverse and destructive.

Now let’s apply this to the over-rated social issue of homosexuality, and we would realise that same sex couples cannot produce off-spring, therefore homosexuality is perverse, plain to see; however, that does not mean we should vilify or abuse sexual aberrants, as we know they could never endure or persist in a healthy environment, as indeed their self-destruction is behaviourally inbuilt.

Okay, it becomes plain that if we multiply any given, social or otherwise, by infinity it soon becomes apparent which manifestation persists, and if anything, the universe and all its productions are about continuity, that is, if perversity, learned or otherwise, has not interfered with the natural flow as does our sick society and its false, utterly destructive nihilistic values.

Now let’s apply this in a remedial sense, as all perverse manifestations have incredibly fragile bases of existence. Banks and corporations thrive on money as the population have been taught to value this completely worthless abstraction, and subscribe to its false ‘value.’

Analysis reveals that the life-blood of these perverse entities is money, however, money is worthless if in stasis, it MUST be transacted at speed in order to support its false value; so what is the simplest and most effective weapon against these institutions? I hope you come to realisation yourselves though I am obliged to continue with the explanation; of course, to deliberately reduce the speed at which money is transacted in order to create profit. The most efficient means is to completely arrest its movement, at which point money becomes worthless even if value subscription is strong, as the perverse western economy is parasitic by nature and MUST exploit via transaction/investments and realisation of profits to continue.

I cite two instances, there are numerous in the real world, a multi-national coal miner now attempting to exploit and necessarily pollute the natural environment in Queensland Australia, and the oil pipeline, which is vehemently but not violently opposed by the nativists at Standing Rock, Dakota. If activists and those aligned with LIFE, not death, CONTINUE to stall and oppose these ‘developments’ they would succeed in eliminating both threats to life and a sustainable environment. Deliberately stalling, via direct action, peaceful protest, intervention, legal and other means using existing laws to protect the environment and threatened species, would freeze the capital investments to such an extent that investors would be forced to withdraw support, as that static money would become worthless, I hope we are all are beginning to understand the dynamics of money and its major vulnerability.

Money must move at speed or it loses value. Interestingly, these stalled funds, which become worthless if completely arrested, are termed ‘write-downs’ as banks and the corporate community avoid the word ‘LOSS,’ like the plague, but LOSS is what it’s all about in this example. There are many options available to tacticians, huge sums of investment capital, lent by banks and stupid governments conned into outlaying tax-payer funds, as in Australia, would see the value of this money evaporate if the speedy realisation of profits is arrested by whatever means, invested capital/money and its potential unrealised ‘works’ become worthless and impractical, banks and other investors would be forced to either withdraw or use their influence over puppet government to ‘send in the troops.’ Which act would then compromise their status in the community, politicians know all too well that this would spell doom for them, notwithstanding that they would remain puppets but with the excuse that they cannot serve minority corporate interests if they are voted out of office. You see how really simple opposition is to perverse manifestations/entities/structures. The only robust force that exists is natural continuity as it relies on its infinite power; perverse manifestations are discontinuous as they rely on extremely weak support systems, demonstrated here by the exploitable vulnerabilities they necessarily possess.

These remedies are available to all that support the continuity of life, your gut would always tell you what is right and wrong with any proposition without the need of education or any external source of information though of course tacticians are usually highly educated but with a difference, they have not been converted or absorbed into the sickness of the prevailing, perverse social system.

Another final (as space prevents a novel or Ph D. thesis) example is removing the current pathological president of the USA or any other politician. It would simply amount to large numbers of aware and responsible citizens demonstrating peacefully and making energetic real efforts, POPULAR DEMAND, to REMOVE president Trump from office; however, this is not a one-off task, these efforts/ACTIONS, MUST PERSIST until the objective is realised. Success is dependent on PERSISTENCE, capice? The universe persists forever, and all humans have that resource available, to be used at will or whenever a situation requires it.

To conclude I would focus a little on PROFIT, which if analysed is actually THEFT, as someone/thing is exploited. Consider, if everyone in a company is paid fairly then where is the profit in production, it doesn’t exist? If every worker is valued and paid according to his/her contribution then excesses cannot exist, that is why containment of worker’s wages are a constant target of greedy executives that have no conscience about paying themselves 1000 times their actual worth, so wonder no more why executive pay has gone through the roof and workers wages in real terms have been going backwards for at least two decades.

Consider the HUGE increases in CEO and executive pay and the stagnation of workers wages over the past two decades, clearly a considerable amount in available wealth has been taken directly from workers’ pays; however, it is the responsibility of workers to demand fair wages or cease their production, as their fathers did before them.

Now consider the exploitation of consumers -- again, profit (theft) is extracted by inflating the cost of any product, which cost of production is far less than the asking price for sale. If the product only has an intrinsic production value of 3 units but is sold for as much as 10 or 20 units then consumers are clearly being robbed/exploited. And when we consider that the majority of consumers are underpaid workers, it then becomes apparent that average people/workers are being exploited all the way down the line, and this in NO ACCIDENT. However, if workers are unable to unite and make simple demands for fair wages, then clearly they deserve the ever diminishing amounts they receive.

It is impossible to define profit in any other terms other than theft and exploitation, which are illegal by law, notwithstanding it would be comical to watch CEOs and executives attempting to justify how they apply profit margins and over-pay themselves in a courtroom. The situation is wide open for any united workforce to take their executive to the courts over the matter.

Now let’s teach all this to our kids so they remain united and do not fall victim to polluting (cost saving) parasitic (exploitative) financial institutions and thieving corporations.

Also consider engineered debt-slavery. The simple reason average people are in so much debt today is that they are undervalued and therefore underpaid. Most people have heard of the economic jargon of “value-adding,” WELL that also applies to people, the workforce, but if the workforce accepts all the injustices and debt slavery then again, as was written in parable form, even the crumbs you have been offered would be taken away. If you accept less than your self and REAL worth, sooner rather than later, you would be forced to eat shit, sound relevant and familiar, does it?

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