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End Warrantless Deep State Spying
by claire Tuesday, Sep 12 2017, 10:36pm
international / prose / post

There are no two ways about it, WE the globally surveilled, media-captured, constantly deceived, nose-ringed masses ALLOW warrantless pan-surveillance and spying on almost all aspects of our open and PRIVATE lives; yes, big brother’s techno-tentacles are entwined around everyone that lives in any society where digital communications, financial transactions and other digital technologies dominate, which is most of the known world. Furthermore, the controllers -- banks and corporations, utilising puppet leaders/governments -- are now implementing their plan for a cashless society, the application of which would clearly enslave everyone, as the threat of clicking a key and blocking digital currency transactions required for the basic necessities of life would of course enable big brother to destroy anyone they choose to destroy, how very convenient and horrid -- no-one could ever be trusted with that power.

Imagine, no cash and a plastic card that no longer transacts -- where did YOU think it was all going AND do you imagine that this soon to be, monstrously oppressive, completely captured, enslaved society came about by accident? Not a chance, it was planned by the global elite, aka, big brother, shadow government, oligarchy, plutocracy.

The source of their power is money, which they print at will; money of course translates to power but only because WE sub-scribe to its value, when in fact money is an abstract commodity but an extremely useful commodity to those private interests that print it, as we should today be able to appreciate, yet it has no inherent value whatsoever, the current global economy is nothing more than the biggest con ever in recorded history, research it for yourselves. The privately owned ‘Reserve Banking’ Cartel is a good start.

Reality dictates that the most valuable articles on this planet are LIFE and the ENVIRONMENT, which sustains ALL LIFE BY SUPPLYING ALL our essential needs FREE, though nefarious corporations (Nestle) are currently attempting to persuade us that water is not free etc., next they would probably attempt to impose an air tax, the avaricious lunatics!

Are YOU comfortable with the current IMPOSED reality? If not, blame and finger-pointing are best done in front of a mirror because WE are RESPONSIBLE, and you thought that non-involvement/participation, apathy, passivity and cowardice came at no price.

The very last vestiges of freedom are evaporating before our eyes today, as indeed big brother’s creep to a pan-surveillance state ALSO occurred under our noses without the slightest real opposition, though the very few aware were screaming alert all the while.

Well, IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO RESTORE OUR SOCIETIES AND EITHER JAIL OR ELIMINATE OUR CRIMINAL OPPRESSORS, AS NO OTHER SOCIAL FORCE IS ABLE TO MATCH THE POWER AND WILL OF THE MAJORITY when established systems fail. And yes, this outcome is able to be achieved democratically without a shot fired in anger, as the VIRUS that infects the entire world, finds its origins in advanced, developed socieities.

However, if the majority sleeps with eyes wide open, through the most dangerous historical period ever recorded, then people would be rudely awoken to a digitally shackled and completely powerless existence, a dictatorship like no other in history as complete power over our lives would be exercised by those we despise; all sovereignty personal and national would no longer exist due to our complacency.

The above is not sci-fi or conspiracy, as it is accelerating and becoming more pervasive as I write in the real though carefully constructed WORLD we currently live in; and to think WE allowed it ALL to occur without so much as a whimper of majority complaint.

For instance, pan-surveillance is ILLEGAL in every country that has communication laws, yet we allow it to occur against existing laws. Extra-judicial killing is a flagrant crime, no discussion required, as is kidnapping ‘rendition,’ torture, indefinite detention and ALL pre-emptive wars of aggression and resource theft, of which heinous crime/offence, the leading civilian killing nation of the world (USA) leads. But please note that it’s the shadow government of the USA not the struggling oppressed and frightened out of their wits, American population, which is responsible for the chaos, economic, military and environmental (climate) in which the world now finds itself.

Yet the naked, irrefutable FACT remains that only a handful of people are responsible for all the social chaos and heinous crimes that confront us today. Now understand that this unrepresentative tiny but powerful minority know that public awareness is increasing and that their hold would soon be broken so warrantless pan-surveillance, a reality, and digital currency, soon to be realised, are THEIR solutions to ensure their survival and the continuation of their oppressive, violent and criminal status quo.

Therefore I would conclude by asking YOU a trick question, should we continue to allow ourselves to be illegally abused in numerous horrid and outrageous ways or should we abandon ALL leaders, and reform our cultures by participation and exercising what remains of our inalienable democratic prerogatives and rights? ‘You tell me,’ but that is the problem, isn’t it?

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