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America is Overtly Pushing for WWIII by REFUSING to Engage in Talks with NK
by stacy Tuesday, Sep 5 2017, 10:43pm
international / prose / post

The refusal by Washington to engage in dialogue/negotiations with North Korea has already pushed the situation to the brink of nuclear war, a completely avoidable outcome. U.S. Ambassador to the UN, (neocon lunatic) Nikki Haley, openly stated that North Korea is “begging for war,” really! How would she know if she refuses talks? It is obvious to all political analysts that NK feels threatened and is desperately attempting to push America to the negotiating table for talks regarding unnecessary and provocative war rehearsals with allies South Korea and Japan, the advice of which allied nations, America now ignores -- no nation should tolerate an unacceptable, one-sided relationship in OUR world today, or for that matter ANY outrageous behaviour from the lunatic, belligerent, USA.

No sane nations want war, so not only does America refuse talks but also ignores the good advice of its involved allies. What does that reality spell to you? Belligerence, bullying and linear/myopic thinking in a global world, sociopathy in a word.

Furthermore, it is traditional CIVILISED policy in these circumstances to at least try and settle problems with other nations via dialogue and diplomatic means, well before engaging in the LAST option and making stupid PROVOCATIVE rants and EXTREME threats, which have clearly PROVEN counter-productive.

However, as is plain to see, the USA is reversing the sane and formal procedure and pushing directly for war without making any attempts to resolve the crisis via diplomatic means. A situation the gobal population cannot tolerate, as all lives are threatened by ANY nuclear war.

It must also be noted that China has recently reaffirmed its pledge to support NK if the US attacks NK pre-emptively (first) as China is well aware that NK will not attack anyone if not attacked first. Well armed, nuclear superpower China and its military ally Russia would therefore become involved, which translates to WWIII, for demented, media lobotomised, Americans, which group have displayed to the WORLD their demented state by installing an incompetent pathological personality as their leader.

It all adds, to the obvious conclusion, it is NOT North Korea but leading civilian killing AMERICA, which is the most dangerous nation on the planet and any obsequious international leader that imagines maintaining a servile relationship with America would serve them, may be in for a big terminating ‘shock.'

So what the fuck is demented America really all about? Of course, it has been published by the U.S. as the neocon doctrine of ‘perpetual war,’ the clearest of ALL indications that America is plain nuts and a threat to all peaceful nations, as its new pathological leader demonstrates to the world on a daily basis via his ‘twitter’ rants.

Now some plain facts, REALITY, to which America remains in pathological denial. No individual or globally unrepresentative minority group of actors, has the right to jeopardise the lives of millions of innocent people world wide, plain and obvious fact.

Only a tiny fraction of the global population installed a nut case as their leader, but its their problem, however, when that nut case threatens millions if not billions of innocent lives world-wide, the rules of the game change -- that individual and those behind him become an extreme threat and danger to everyone on the planet, notwithstanding that the course rustic America has unilaterally chosen by refusing talks and directly pursuing war, against the advice of other leading nations, EMPHASISES the current REALITY. The fact that inept, adolescent America is unable to resolve this created crisis by sensible and civilised means, forces ALL nations of the world to intervene and resolve, with or without America, the NK crises.

If however, mature international leaders remain as spectators in this clearly resolvable crisis, then it becomes plain that all government systems world-wide have completely failed, and therefore are in urgent/IMMEDIATE need of drastic REFORM. In this instance the global population MUST and should restore THEIR respective nations to sanity. The situation is urgent and obviously our leaders seem to have failed us, so I ask a very simple question, would we, THE GLOBAL POPULATION, allow a tiny group of lunatics and paralysed ineffective leaders to destroy our lives, or would/should we act to eliminate this problem ourselves, as there is no other choice, which option today is available to every individual on the planet? Indeed, the current crisis is one that truly separates the men and women from the boys and girls AND the sane from the insane.

I should add that I am of European background where traditional cultures in towns and villages have always shot mad dogs, which threaten people’s lives, on sight. So, if world leaders FAIL in THEIR duty and responsibility to the PEOPLE then clearly they ARE expendable, who needs a tiny group of incompetent lunatics determining OUR collective future, certainly no sane and skilled person/nation?



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