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Diamonds and Pearls
by sadh Saturday, May 12 2018, 1:28am
international / poetry / post

nothing perturbs the diamond mind
of Zen
storms confront it and resolve themselves
into the clarity of a clear blue summer sky,
nothing sticks, do ducks get wet in the rain?

the diamond mind remains
unblemished regardless of all that confronts it
though it takes unrelenting focus and steadfast meditative practice
to achieve clarity and awareness

understand the perfection, impervious to all
pleasurable and painful assaults, it remains clear
and aware, which imperturbability leads to awareness
and supra-normal abilities inherent in all human beings,
but only manifest once perfect clarity is achieved

with clarity comes knowledge, understanding,
and the ability to see things fresh, as they are,
not as presented or coloured by experience,
which distorts

the diamond mind grants a special vision
uncluttered by culturally learned biases
which enslave the majority

perhaps a Zen anecdote delivers meaning better:

two Zen monks were travelling from one monastery
to another, a day’s journey.

the two happened on a flooding stream
which impeded the progress of a young,
aristocratic, beautiful woman.

‘could you please assist me crossing the stream, she asked?’

with that the older monk picked the woman up
and carried her across the knee deep stream
accompanied by his companion who seemed troubled
by the occurrence.

the monk placed the lady on the ground and resumed his journey
with his companion, whose face now indicated agitation.

the monks journeyed together for a short distance, the younger monk,
still clearly troubled, could not restrain himself and blurted,
‘we are not supposed to look at women yet you took her in your arms
and carried her.’

‘yes,’ replied the older monk, ‘but i put her down
on the other side of the stream, you are still carrying her!’

and therein lies the secret of the unpolluted, perpetually fresh,
diamond mind

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