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Israel Strikes at Iranian Targets -- Putin will Cave as USUAL
by jake Friday, May 4 2018, 2:13am
international / prose / post

Analysts have know for some time the greater Middle East plan is to attack Iran. Washington has enlisted Israel to do its dirty work as Syria has proven that jihadi proxy fighters are ineffective against real militaries. And so Israel with assurance of support should it be needed from Washington has engaged Iran directly in Syria.


Now why has Israel been able to invade Syrian air space and bomb targets with impunity? Putin of course, who personally has refused to defend his ally Assad when its really necessary. The same could be said for Gaddafi and to a lesser extent, as Putin was not directly involved, Yugoslavia, a traditional ally desperately in need of Russia's help.

Putin's track record for abandoning allies is unmatched in the world, many would say who needs Russia as an ally when it fails to defend against overtly illegal attacks by powerful nations? Indeed, who needs a Putin-paralysed Russia?

So we know the problem is Putin which his $US250 billion in corruption money verifies.

Now, the real attack on Iran by Israel is about to be realised, so what would Putin do? People are known for their actions historical and current so Putin's refusal to provide S-300 air defenses to Assad and allowing Gaddafi to be assassinated in the most horrid way, allows Washington to assess Putin as a chicken shit of the first order who is so afraid of war that he would rather allow his allies to be ruined and murdered. Well Mr Putin, if you fail to act and support Syria and Iran proper, you will be next, and that is not to say a war on Russia would be necessary, you would be personally eliminated, probably with little regret from the Russia military.

You sir, are a thorough cowardly disgrace, and if you imagine you will one day be able to spend all that dirty corruption money think again and ASK yourself the question, what happened to Gaddafi's huge gold and cash assets, which were stolen by western banks? You clown!

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