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Living in his own private 'New England,' Barnaby Joyce Finally Resigns
by baz Friday, Feb 23 2018, 3:51am
international / prose / post

Joyce's forced decision was very late, too late to minimise damage to the Nationals and the Liberals. Had Joyce done the obvious and honourable thing and resigned early the conservatives would have fared much better indeed, but Joyce, forever the selfish child, as his absurd philandering behaviour indicates, unnecessarily damaged the brand of the conservatives, which damage would stick in the back of voters' minds for a considerable period.

Joyce's position, after duffing his former staffer and betraying his wife and family, was clearly untenable, what was he thinking? However the same could be said while he was conducting his SORDID affair without taking precautions.

Good riddance to bad rubbish, this man was/is clearly unfit to lead or retain any responsible office in parliament or the private sector. Joyce's affair will haunt him for the rest of his stupid, ruined life.

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