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Stan Grant, Aboriginal TV host (ABC) and attempted Journalist Tries to Write on Joyce
by james Monday, Feb 19 2018, 4:22am
international / prose / post

Stan Grant begins his ‘journalistic’ piece with “what to do about Barnaby Joyce, ... a wicked problem,” for the government -- implied.

Stan Grant
Stan Grant

He astonishingly then goes on and refers to Kant and western philosophy regarding general morals and whether others have the right to determine another person's behaviour. Well, Mr Grant, I have never witnessed anyone that has missed the point to such an extreme degree.

The issue with Joyce is contextual and it is context that delivers meaning not general, irrelevant philosophical debates. Barnaby Joyce is deputy leader of the Australian C-O-N-S-E-R-V-A-T-I-V-E government, it is in the context of conservative values that the fate of Joyce MUST be determined, and what is the main foundation stone/focus of conservatives, Mr Grant? FAMILY VALUES, do we have context, meaning and direction, now?

Joyce has BETRAYED the very foundation stones of conservative values with his exceedingly immature, selfish, thoughtless/careless, sexual extra-marital affair which resulted in impregnating a female former staffer. It is bad enough that he is a philanderer but not taking precautions for a man in his position, is unforgivable.

The focus here is on, betrayal, HYPOCRISY, and fitness to lead in the context of conservative values, not waffling on about general philosophy.

Joyce has thoroughly subverted conservative values and his government to the extreme and treated his hard-working, faithful, hard-done-by wife with contempt, his deplorable behaviour indicates as much, he has unnecessarily traumatised his three daughters and ruined his marriage/family -- do you imagine this is a philosophical debate, you moron? It is clearly a political issue revolving around CONSERVATIVE VALUES, which Joyce has pissed on, could I put it any clearer for you, Mr Grant?

How your irrelevant rant made it passed ABC editors I will never know, even cadet journalists are aware of context and focus on relevant issues.

Now, in your particular (racial) context, in order to highlight the point of ‘focus and context,’ I would recommend some time out in the desert to collect yourself. I have spent much time with the indigenous in Central Australia and what an extraordinary culture it is outside the townships.

These indigenous refer to city Aboriginals as “yellow people” as they have lost touch with their racial/cultural heritage and tribal belief systems/ideologies. Desert Aboriginals are incredibly focused on the things that matter to them, their environment, food/water sources and weather patterns etc. This is the context in which they live and have survived for tens of thousands of years, due to focus on the relevant. Yet you Mr Grant are unable to focus on the obvious context of Joyce’s grossly inappropriate and supremely destructive behaviour as a conservative political leader and family man who is and must represent conservative values.

Give the ABC, the Australian public and yourself a break, Mr Grant and go on walkabout to REGAIN some focus, because you are neither Aboriginal nor white and Kant has NOTHING to do with it, for Pete’s sake!

As for Joyce’s fate there is nothing ‘wicked’ or problematic about it, he has already solved it himself, he is a dead politician walking, there is clearly little choice in the Joyce matter, either he resigns/steps down voluntarily or is sacked, simple! I wonder what Nietzsche would have to say about it, you clown?


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