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Nose Dive Politics in Australia
by darcy Sunday, Feb 4 2018, 11:30pm
international / prose / post

People have contacted this Australian site asking why we do not cover Australian politics to the extent we cover international politics; well the answer is simple, both major Australian political parties serve Washington, in fact after Gillard’s treasonous move to allow US military forces the use of all SOVEREIGN Australia’s ports, airfields and anything else, ‘big daddy’ cares to utilise, Australia has become in essence a vassal state of the USA, and primary nuclear target in the event of a US provoked war. Australia is currently occupied by a PERMANENT US military presence, for Christ’s sake -- unheard of in peace time!

However, Gillard only expressed/realised the sentiment of both major INFANT parties to serve foreign States, though predominately the USA, regardless of its OVERT CRIMINAL activities -- have we forgotten so soon the Iraq war that John Howard lied the nation into on orders from criminal Washington? Allies are one thing but total subservience is ANOTHER.

Today both major leaders/parties strain their necks to please big daddy America, possibly the most criminal rogue state in the WORLD today, with the highest civilian killing record and numerous ruined (invaded) states to prove it.

Now take a look at both leaders, Shorten and Turnbull, abysmal FAILURES and pathetic slaves to corporate and US criminal interests. It is not a difficult proposition to win an election in Australia today, that is for politicians intent on serving the people. National wealth and available funds are plentiful BUT profits have been concentrated in the fewest possible hands, this is a rancorous American model and diametrically opposed to traditional Australian VALUES, which are far superior than dog-eat-dog, loathsome, American values.

Today untrustworthy private sector Banks and Corporations that excel in TAX-AVOIDANCE hog most available funds in Oz and the PEOPLE can do their best. This is CLEARLY not the traditional Australian cultural ethic of a fair shake for everyone. It’s the Australian masses that shoulder the greatest tax burden while vile mega and transnational corporations and Banks do everything in their power to avoid taxes, but also have no qualms about feeding of the blood of our nation like the PARASITES they ARE! Notwithstanding our current, former Goldman Sachs banker, PM Malcolm Turnbull, has been exposed for using notorious TAX havens to advantage. Fair taxes is what has kept Australian/national infrastructure and essential services going since Federation.

However, when those that benefit most from the nation avoid their fair share of the tax burden then the people and NATION suffers.

Free education was once a right for all tax-paying citizens, today it’s the U.S. ‘user pays’ model on top of an already crushing tax burden. So why pay any tax period? Well some poor fool is required to keep the country going while the wealthiest avoid tax, and that poor fool is YOU; if you’re an average working Aussie you are carrying the country and being deprived of what it once offered freely, and this while worker wages have remained STAGNANT for decades while CEO and executive incomes have never seen it so good, yet recent exposures of bank and corporate irregularities, systemic FAILURES and FRAUDS make the headlines regularly, so enormous executive incomes are clearly NOT performance based, it’s the result of an elite insider arrangement and SERVILE useless, UNREPRESENTATIVE governments, plain to see.

The cure to most of Australia’s woes is simply re-establishing the equitable distribution of national wealth to the ratios seen in the 60‘s, 70's and prior. Those that benefited most from the nation returned most to the nation, without complaint, as that WAS a traditional Australian cultural value, sometimes expressed and the “fair go” or “fair shake.” Need I continue?

Any party today that re-establishes FAIR Oz values is a sure winner, as worker wages would rise while ridiculous executive tax avoidance schemes are eliminated and their non-performance based wages would plummet and become performance based once again. However, it will never happen while the people allow corporate owned governments to rule and lead the nation backwards, while serving elite interests, notwithstanding that every politician that visits Washington is issued with knee-pads in advance.

So as is evident, there is no REAL Australian politics, just servants serving their masters while average Aussies pay the price.

Nevertheless, if Australians desire a return to equity, sovereignty and a fair shake, then boycotting both major parties at every election is a good start. It may then occur to the masses to vote for REPRESENTATIVE governments/leaders, I mean really, an elitist banker and rancorous union operator to choose from -- give Australia a break! Neither represents the nation or THE PEOPLE.

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