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Plain to see -- the World’s Leading Terrorist and Civilian Killing State is AMERICA
by Editorial - Jungle Drum Global News Sunday, Jan 28 2018, 9:24pm
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How many nations on the planet today have a ‘perpetual war’ strategy for world hegemony? ONE, AMERICA! Arrogant neocon clowns actually published the fact in the PNAC document for the world to read, and what a thoroughly psychopathic document it is.

Which nation has the world’s leading civilian killing count by a coutry mile, in fact more than all other nations put together? AMERICA again! Is a picture forming?

Which nation made the threat to bomb a nation (Pakistan) back to the stone age if it didn’t comply with US dictates? AGAIN, America. Which nation has invaded, using false pretenses (proven) numerous nations, disrupted democratically elected governments, paid, armed and trained extremist proxy fighting groups to dislodge and murder leaders of nations that refused to comply with American demands? AMERICA again, and the list of blatant criminal activities goes on, all of which incriminating information is easily accessed and VERIFIED from the public domain. So it’s no secret that America, clearly the rogue State of an otherwise relatively peaceful world, is the LEADING TERRORIST and mass murdering State/nation of the WORLD!

America OPENLY flouts local and international LAW and conventions on a daily basis.

Presently America is illegally arming a Kurdish militia in Syria to perpetuate a war lost by its previous extremist proxy fighting groups, is this act legal? Not in anyone’s wildest fantasies but there goes CRIMINAL AMERICA, in plain sight, once again! Surely after over fifteen fuckin’ years of American intimidation, invasive military LUNACY and MILLIONS of innocent lives NEEDLESSLY LOST, notwithstanding the utter destruction of attacked nations, it’s time the WORLD FACED OBVIOUS FACTS and REALITY. America alone is the WORLD’S most dangerous and overtly CRIMINAL, ROGUE State.

Now consider why these obvious travesties have not ceased, or why other powerful nations have not demanded an end to America’s obvious reign of TERROR? Indeed, a very good question, particularly for the clearly CORRUPT puppets at the Hague Courts, UN officials, and hypocritical religious leaders.

Well, I/we have a question for relevant referred to officials, which are easily identified, why do YOU remain mute in the face of the most overt criminal activities in modern history?

Indeed, corruption and cowardice are the obvious answers. Russia and China together could easily put an end to America’s criminal activities, notwithstanding the Hague Courts could easily indict numerous Americans for war and other heinous crimes against HUMANITY, BUT as we are all aware, nothing to stem the rivers of blood America creates, is entertained by CORRUPT WORLD entities whose very function is to prosecute leaders of clearly rogue States -- and that in view of the fact that a single nation regardless of its military power, is no match for other peace loving nations of the world. Nations unified in peace, stability and prosperity for ALL are easily able to contain any single rogue State/nation. All nations are subject to the legal demands of other nations unified to establish peace and prosperity for ALL, not just a tiny group of mega-wealthy, corrupting, mass murdering elites.

It becomes plain that when global systems that once possessed INTEGRITY fail and governments fail in their international and local responsibilities, the task of RESTORATION and REFORM immediately falls on the shoulders of the GLOBAL, democratic majority of nations to put a PERMANENT END to the wanton murder and lunatic destruction before the entire world goes up in radiation clouds -- that is how serious these issues are TODAY.

So it’s OUR WORLD and OUR FUTURE, if we fail to act now against a TINY group of psychopaths, future regret would be irrelevant, as there would be NO FUTURE.

The LUNATIC actions of certain WORLD leaders MUST END IMMEDIATELY and obvious action MUST be taken, otherwise we could all kiss our world and collective future goodbye. And for those of you that imagine we exaggerate, just take one look at the daily news and the gibbering idiotic comments of our lunatic and/or cowardly leaders.

Those nations and entities that support or are allied to America, in view of its CRIMINAL history, are clearly complicit in its CRIMES and leaders must be held accountable by local populations for their obvious TREASON.

So please, if you value your lives and the future of your WORLD and the welfare of your fellow human beings, link this piece and email it to your political representatives in every nation as they are ALL complicit, one way or the other. The world is as it is, due to the lunatic actions of certain leaders and the selective inaction of others.

Every politician WORLDWIDE MUST be directly informed that the criminal show must come to an end IMMEDIATELY or THEY WOULD PAY THE HIGHEST PRICE FOR THEIR OBVIOUS FAILURES AND/or CRIMES -- that SIMPLE!

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