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"Democracy is a form of government that substitutes election by the incompetent many for appointment by the corrupt few" -- George Bernard Shaw

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Alternative Media Journalists Continue to Support the Illusion
by sarah Sunday, Jan 21 2018, 8:31pm
international / prose / post

An otherwise good investigative journalist titles his latest story thus: "Trump’s Plan B for Syria: Occupation and Intimidation.” I mean really Mr Whitney, it is established fact that all presidents post JFK serve minority elite interests and are therefore captured PUPPETS.

Regarding foreign policy the elite status quo hasn’t missed a beat since Bush senior was president. The claim that Trump, who clearly knows jack shit about anything foreign, makes plans or decisions is preposterous. It is a major disappointment that any knowledgeable journalist would attribute foreign policy decisions or “plans” to dunce/stooge president Trump. ALL foreign policy decisions are clearly issued from the deep state or shadow government -- consistency over a period of presidents clearly indicates that REALITY.

So why re-enforce the LIE that US presidents lead the nation and make decisions, as they clearly DO NOT, especially in the cases of dubya Bush, Obama and Trump, who follow, in linear fashion, a foreign policy refined and defined by elite representatives, the NEOCONSERVATIVES, decades past?

It’s bad enough that the elite owned mass media pushes the charade/illusion that the democratic process is alive and well and that presidents rule the nation and represent the MAJORITY, but when alternative journalists, who know better, re-enforce this LIE/charade, it is unforgivable. How do you expect the duped majority to wake up to the fact that the democratic process is DEAD and that presidents are merely figureheads installed and/or controlled by unrepresentative elite forces if you continue to attribute leadership to a compliant, puppet fall guy, and in the case of Trump, who has made it public that all foreign policy decisions are made by the Pentagon (an apparatus of the deep state) the case is CLEAR?

Please endeavour in future, Mr Whitney and others, to state the well known facts regarding America as a puppet state before disgracing yourselves any further. The people must be made aware of the biggest lie in the western world today, that DEMOCRACY, majority rule, really exists, because PLAINLY it does not, unless of course you wish to name just ONE nation in the WORLD that is a true democracy, good luck! And for pete’s sake try and desist from unintentionally re-enforcing and supporting the evil elite status quo.

As for alternative media sites, which disseminate this CRAP and are currently under huge pressure from elite controlled apparatuses, state and private, need I remind you that editors have a FUNCTION and duty to see that TRUTH is served and supported at ALL times.

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