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Corrupt Globalist PUPPET Putin Sits Back and Allows ILLEGAL Israeli Air Strikes on Syria
by Darius Shahtahmasebi via jaxie - Anti-Media Friday, Jan 12 2018, 7:55pm
international / prose / post

If any deluded fool in the west remains in doubt about Putin, wake up. He has a record of abandoning allies in their most critical time of need. He allowed the US to install clearly offensive missiles on Russia's land borders, under the pretext that they were intended to protect Europe from missile attacks from Iran, a nation that does not and has never possessed the technology to do so. Now he allows, with international LAW on his side, the criminal Israelis to bomb at will sovereign Syria, an allied nation. Who are you and your $250 billion corrupt US dollars trying to kid, Putin? It is incumbent on Russian patriots/military to face REALITY and put an End to this treasonous maggot once and for all. Putin's corruption and treason is more brazen and obvious than Washington's corruption by the deep state. Follow link below for details on illegal Israeli bombing campaign.

Audit the $250 Billion, Russia -- that simple!
Audit the $250 Billion, Russia -- that simple!

Furthermore, Israel's clearly criminal actions make a mockery of the (US controlled) Hague courts and UN, plain to see!

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