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Iran Would Easily Survive yet Another Feeble Colour Revolution Attempt by the USA
by justin Tuesday, Jan 9 2018, 9:10pm
international / prose / post

Indeed, the USA has tried this form of destabilisation numerous times in the past, and each has met with FAILURE. One wonders at times why America persists with these futile attempts, but we know, the American deep state is ossified and is unable to learn NEW tricks, so like the insane, defined by Einstein, it continues to pursue failed methods hoping for another outcome.

Iran, as it has in the past, would quash yet another futile attempt to foment national destabilisation from external sources, which if international law is applied, is an entirely ILLEGAL ACT. But of course, where was the UN and Hague on previous occasions when America deployed this tactic on other naive nations?

Clearly the UN and Hague courts are corrupt as can be, the last attempt by an independent UN to counter the illegal activities of the USA, was in Iraq, when delegates and officials, well aware of the risk, established offices in illegally invaded Iraq only to be bombed by the largest truck-bomb ever used in Iraq, which killed UN representatives -- that fact is telling in itself as it was in the interests of the Iraqi people to support the UN which openly opposed US criminality at the time, however, it was no secret that the Bush-Cheney regime viewed the UN as enemy. And so it is all now criminal history, however, other nations have learned well and suffer no such illusions/delusions regarding OBVIOUS U.S. criminal strategies. Former general Wesley Clark, openly exposed U.S. plans to attack Libya, Syria, Iran among other Middle Eastern and North African nations after he was duped into leading the attack on former Yugoslavia, the first success of this now very tired and well known strategy.

However, the difference today is the WORLD is well AWARE of America’s criminal tactics, while the corrupted UN, now owned by the USA, and Hague courts continue to openly IGNORE these now blatant criminal activities.

Iran could, by extracting the lackey agents/principals of this failed colour revolution, cause major grief for the UN, Hague courts and Washington, all thoroughly corrupted institutions that habitually turn a blind eye to America’s heinous, mass murdering, international CRIMES.


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