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text The FCC officially votes to kill net neutrality Devin Coldewey via gail, Friday, Dec 15 2017, 4:56am
Despite overwhelming opposition from Congress, technical experts, advocacy organizations and, of course, the American people, the FCC has voted to eliminate 2015’s Open Internet Order and the net neutrality protections it established.
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text Merry Privacy Devoid Xmas -- The Surveillance State on Steroids John W. Whitehead via jane, Thursday, Dec 14 2017, 10:28pm
"Section 702 gives the government access to the very content of your conversations (phone calls, text messages, video chats), your photographs, your emails. As Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., warned, “This is not just who you send it to, but what’s in it.”

This reach on citizens without the need of warrants is clearly over the top; however, as has been known from generation to generation, freedom is never bestowed, it is won from bitter and hard fought struggle, history is my witness. So is a slave fit for his/her chains or is America really free? A rhetorical question, as America is clearly a nation of spineless SLAVES, today's Big Brother REALITY is my witness!

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text The Media, Friend or Foe? lex, Wednesday, Dec 13 2017, 8:52pm
The mass media today, which includes large IT players such as Google and Facebook, has veered dramatically from its ideal, IMPARTIALITY. In fact bias is the order of the day to the point of overt censorship of the free flow of information -- attempts to eliminate internet neutrality for instance. Vested interests -- primarily the CFR -- have harnessed the mass media in order to steer and shape public opinion/consciousness. The corporate private interests that own it outright of course utilise it to further their own private interests, which is to be expected if no mitigating factors exist.
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text Falling like Snow ... nadine, Tuesday, Dec 12 2017, 9:04am
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text What is Truth? fait accompli, Pilate the Post Modernist jude, Monday, Dec 11 2017, 11:08pm
One of the most amusing or profound, depending on your pov, incidents in the New Testament is Pilate’s questioning of Jesus at his trial. Pilate plainly wins out on the matter of Truth, as his now famous question is also the answer; that is why he didn’t wait for Jesus to respond, he declared him innocent. It (what is truth?) was a fait accompli in Pilate’s mind. However, the Jews would have their way, the rest is fiction or history for believers, notwithstanding that everything is a constructed fiction according to Post Modernists -- Pilate’s point -- that believe that the decoder/interpreter creates reality, though an entirely subjective ‘reality,’ which of course reduces objectivity to subjective self-deception.
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text Legendary Internet Creators Demand FCC Cancel Attack on Net Neutrality Jake Johnson via tim, Monday, Dec 11 2017, 8:35pm
More than 20 internet founders and industry leaders wrote an open letter warning FCC plan to kill net neutrality poses "imminent threat" to the web.
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doomsday_clock.jpg image New World Disorder – The Next 20 Years: Hope or Despair? Graham Vanbergen via james, Monday, Dec 11 2017, 7:18am
There is no doubt that the world is facing a wave of unprecedented uncertainties from political and civil unrest, conflict and terrorism to seemingly never-ending financial turmoil, climate change, the struggle for resources and disruptive technologies. Like it or not, no matter where we are, we are living in a new world disorder. (story and 1 image)
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donaldtrumpyoutube.jpg image The SHOCK of the STUPID and Divorced from Reality pat, Sunday, Dec 10 2017, 9:28pm
Prior to Trump the only leaders that made absurd outlandish divorced from reality remarks were the leaders of North Korea, though as we know, most of those claims and remarks were ignored due to their implausibility and ‘out-there’ nature. However, when a US president engages in ridiculous claims, lies, morbid sensitivity and ‘out-there’ language, the effect is shock as people expect those ‘keepers' surrounding the president to explain things and moderate any pathological, volatile irrational outbursts -- but as the world is aware, no such moderation exists in relation to Trump. Trump, though completely enslaved by the deep state, is allowed to take the prize for the world’s leading imbecile leader, the deep state knows he has no effect whatsoever on their agenda and plans. But what of the rest of the world? (story and 1 image)
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text Be claire, Sunday, Dec 10 2017, 6:07am
international / poetry / post

text Yankee GO HOME: Saudi/US Proxy forces -- IS, Nusra, al-Qaeda and the rest -- Roundly Defeated .. cyd, Saturday, Dec 9 2017, 10:12pm
The USA has never had ANY legal basis (uninvited by the sovereign Syrian government) to occupy Syria and conduct combat operations, the feeble UN excuse notwithstanding. However, with the total defeat of ALL US/Saudi proxy fighters, America is now legally considered a HOSTILE occupation force and as such would pay the price, that is, DIE if you remain illegally in Syria and Iraq. As Bob Dylan once sang, ‘It’s all over now baby [red, white and] blue.’
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text Go zed, Saturday, Dec 9 2017, 10:01am
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text Pointing the Finger or Taking Responsibility jaxie, Friday, Dec 8 2017, 10:36pm
Indeed, laying blame is always easier than taking responsibility which involves remedial ACTION. I am always struck by how the American media leads the population in the blame game. It’s Trump’s fault, or the Russians or North Korea's, whoever/whatever but never our fault! The point is Americans have one of the safest Constitutions in the world yet the PEOPLE ignore or avoid THEIR responsibility to remove any president/government that has proven destructive to the nation, and surely, among other past administrations, errant and shallow thinking buffoon Trump is a prime example of a destructive incompetent dumb president that is ruining the nation as I write this piece.
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text Corporate Power and Big Banks Have Killed Democracy Richard Moser via gail, Friday, Dec 8 2017, 8:29pm
The rise of Corporate Power was the fall of democracy. Over the long haul, US politics has revolved around a deep tension between democracy and an unrelenting drive for plunder, power and empire. Granted that our democracy has been seriously flawed and only rarely revolutionary, yet the democratic movements are the source of every good thing America has ever stood for.
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text The US Deep State 'Hiding' in Plain Sight jill, Thursday, Dec 7 2017, 7:35pm
Yet another expose' of the REAL ruling authority in the US. It should become obvious to all that presidents are merely salad dressing, regardless of Party, once installed they ALL serve the deep state, plain to SEE!
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Look at him!  A totally VANQUISHED Trump image Provocative to the Extreme -- Trump Accedes to Netanyahu’s Demand on Jerusalem dan, Wednesday, Dec 6 2017, 11:20pm
Declaring Jerusalem capital of Israel is probably the most provocative action imbecile, puppet Trump has taken to date, the rest has been mostly hot lunatic air. Jerusalem is the home/centre of three religions, two major, Islam and Christianity, and one minor, Judaism, based on numbers. So what does Trump do? Allow the minor player to own outright, a city that really belongs to the world -- are you reading this, useless, lackey, UN clowns? The UN would clearly be responsible for the certain conflicts that arise from this illegal and explosive declaration. (story and 1 image)
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AT George Brandis and PM Malcolm Turnbull, two traitorous, lackey clowns image Australia’s ‘New’ Foreign Agent/Interference Laws darcy, Wednesday, Dec 6 2017, 9:56pm
Right on queue. Trump’s new ‘foreign agent’ hysteria has recently infected ‘sovereign’ Australia, puppet PM Turnbull and his knee-walking conservative colonial government have rushed it through parliament; a headline in the Melbourne Age reads, "Foreign interference laws: Paul Keating may have to [register] declare as foreign agent.” Well, there ya go, America’s presidential INSANITY has made its way to Australia via the Washington serving foreign agent, Libs. (story and 1 image)
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President Dingbat image National Suicide -- Divide and Conquer strategy Within America Set to Ruin Nation Greg Price via james, Tuesday, Dec 5 2017, 9:08pm
When a CIA director cannot trust his co-workers things are looking grim; America seems so internally divided at the present time that real enemies could simply watch its fall from the peanut gallery. I have no idea how valid the following claims are but even if they are only 30% accurate it would be enough to weaken the USA beyond immediate repair and speed of response is EVERYTHING today. A window of opportunity would appear that numerous nations would jump at. However, historically it is well known that this is exactly how all empires fall, from within! Good onya clueless Trump, you have no idea what you're really doing - LOL! (story and 1 image)
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hitlermusso.jpg image The Neoliberal Survival Game Kelly Wilkins via jane, Tuesday, Dec 5 2017, 9:55am
One of the ways the media has shaped the public’s attitude concerning the distribution of wealth and power in our society, has been by the dissemination of a familiar but menacing ideology, an ideology which teaches that human success and failure is determined by evolutionary fitness — ‘the survival of the fittest’ ethic [also known as 'Social Darwinism.'] (story and 1 image)
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text Bitcoin FEVER and the Engineered Cryptocurrency Trap ben, Tuesday, Dec 5 2017, 4:14am
The stupendous rise of Bitcoin’s value, which has recently breached the $10,000/unit ‘barrier’ has not been accidental or is the result of natural organic factors, which do not require a MASSIVE mass media push/SELL. Indeed, one cannot read the financial section of any mass media rag without tripping over Bitcoin trading hysteria and that occurrence alone should alert the experienced and aware.
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text Subscriber Announcement -- Please read. moderator, Monday, Dec 4 2017, 9:44pm
As most people are aware the powers have recently embarked on censorship strategies to background and silence all dissenting voices on the internet, of course using feeble excuses like 'spam filtering' and 'fake news.' Which strategies amount to censorship of any information that opposes mainstream propaganda.

As a result of these totalitarian 1984 strategies our mailouts and other broadcast services/newsletters have recently been relegated to 'spam' status by the 'regulators' and their 'mindless, but selective algorithms.'

If you have not received our usual mailouts and other broadcast information please check your email junk and spam folders and re-assign those emails to 'not spam/junk' etc. It is also advised to regularly check these folders as algorithms overrule personal choices.
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