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text 15 Years. More Than 1 Million Dead. No One Held Responsible Charles P. Pierce via jane, Thursday, Mar 22 2018, 1:51am
The War in Iraq's latest anniversary passed in all-American silence and denial.
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novichokbook2s.jpg image Time For Brits To Come Clean -- 'Novichok' formula Freely Available Moon Of Alabama, Thursday, Mar 22 2018, 1:17am
Do you wonder why the Brits refuse to send chemical samples to Russia for analysis -- here's why?

Notwithstanding that the formulas for this group of toxic chemical agents have been widely published some YEARS back, detailed analysis of any agent usually reveals its source as various impurities are specific to locations/nations; there is no such thing as 100% purity; all chemical agents have a 'signature' and are therefore easily traceable to their source.though the lethal ability of the agent would not decrease in effectiveness. So put up or shut up you British duplicitous, false flag LIARS and MASS MURDERERS!
(story and 3 images)
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text YOU have Freely Subscribed, so Why complain? justin, Thursday, Mar 22 2018, 12:26am
The vast majority of citizens today are digital media slaves, managed and manipulated by social and other media. The recent exposure of Facebook and Cambridge Analytica using algorithms to directly influence a presidential election outcome in the USA is ample proof of how personal information is utilised against the public and national interest.
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text The Myth of a Neo-imperial China Pepe Escobar via cyd, Wednesday, Mar 21 2018, 2:28am
The geopolitical focus of the still young 21st century spans the Indian Ocean from the Persian Gulf all the way to the South China Sea alongside the spectrum from Southwest Asia to Central Asia and China. That happens to configure the prime playing ground, overland and maritime, of the New Silk Roads, a.k.a. Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).
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text Britain’s False Flag Against Russia Poisons Corbyn’s Labour Finian Cunningham via james, Wednesday, Mar 21 2018, 2:24am
British Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May’s dramatic escalation of hostility towards Russia this week has had one benefit closer to home. Labour’s erstwhile popular leader Jeremy Corbyn has fallen casualty to renewed Cold War politics.
international / prose / post

Theresa 'errand girl' May image Russia did it! Orchestrated Accusations Based on Assumptions and Flagrant Propaganda darcy, Sunday, Mar 18 2018, 1:47am
Here we go again. Who could forget the preposterous, thoroughly implausible LIE that Saddam Hussein could launch an attack on the UK in, wait for it, “45 minutes?” Yes, Mr Blair you are a proven, shameless, pathological LIAR and war criminal, as the facts today CLEARLY indicate -- now note I said verifiable “FACTS.” (story and 1 image)
international / prose / post

text Will the State Department Become a Subsidiary of the CIA? Geoff Dutton via jess, Friday, Mar 16 2018, 12:14am
I wonder how Rex Tillerson feels about being the first high-level federal official to be fired publically and online, in one brutal tweet. I’m sure he expected the hammer to come down on him, but not like that. And I wonder if he will come forward to describe what led up to it. Unlikely, as he’s an extremely wealthy and still influential corporate player who would have little to gain from telling all. Still, some intrepid journalist should take Rex to lunch and encourage him to cry in his beer.
international / prose / post

beareagle.jpg image Will Russia Wake Up? Paul Craig Roberts via cyd, Thursday, Mar 15 2018, 11:31pm
Russians are having a difficult time comprehending their Western enemy or even understanding that Russia has an enemy that seeks the destruction of Russia. (story and 1 image)
international / prose / post

text Islamic Paradise bilal, Thursday, Mar 15 2018, 1:17am
international / prose / post

text The War China Cannot and Never will Win zed, Tuesday, Mar 13 2018, 3:07am
The Chinese communist party’s idiotic war on religion persists under the now autocratic rule of new ‘emperor’ Xi Jinping, who is reputedly a clever politician, though clearly his dealings with religious groups prove otherwise.
international / prose / post

text Media Lobotomised Populations jude, Monday, Mar 12 2018, 2:03am
Years past I often mused over the fact that the western public expressed cynicism and rightful doubt over content in the mass media. Doubts as to the veracity and accuracy of stories in the mass media were common among citizens; ‘surely you don’t believe what you read in the ‘papers,’ which were the major delivery medium at the time, was a common cynical remark. Yet people continued to consume the ‘news’ and other flagrant propaganda articles, though with a degree of uncertainty, as there was unanimity in major media content.
international / prose / post

text Future Backlash Against the Pentagon’s Hybrid War in Syria M.K. Bhadrakumar via claire, Sunday, Mar 11 2018, 3:25am
Turkey is throwing in with Russia and Iran, all three of which want to see the US gone.
international / prose / post

text The New Surveillance State Trap Peter Van Buren via gail, Sunday, Mar 11 2018, 3:16am
We now know that a significant number of people affiliated with Donald Trump were surveilled during and after the 2016 campaign, some under warrants, some via “inadvertent” or accidental surveillance. That surveillance is now being used against these individuals in perjury cases, particularly to press them to testify against others, and will likely form the basis of Robert Mueller’s eventual action against the president himself.
international / prose / post

text The Zionist Tango: Step Left, Step Right Gideon Levy via simon, Thursday, Mar 8 2018, 1:21am
Grant Smith: I’m very pleased to welcome back Haaretz columnist Gideon Levy. His column in Haaretz, he’s called for greater Israeli empathy towards the suffering of Palestinians. He’s an extremely well-known commentator because of his willingness to take on tough issues. Consequently, he’s no stranger to very intense opposition. His columns about politics, money, how Israel’s military occupation is changing Israeli’s society, and U.S.-Israel relationships are very widely read, reposted and discussed around the world. Who doesn’t get in their inbox a Levy column once in a while? His vocal opposition to Israel’s last major invasion and bombing of Gaza took place against an enormous backdrop of widespread support for the military operation within the Israeli public, and so he gave voice to those who were secretly against the war but cautious about voicing such opinions openly.
international / prose / post

text Boycott, Divest, Sanction: Stop Zionist Genocide Against Palestinians Francis Boyle via sally``, Tuesday, Mar 6 2018, 11:29pm
University of Illinois College of Law professor Francis Boyle speaks to the grave injustice that is the treatment of the Palestinian people both within the West Bank and Gaza, as well as within Israel proper.

Dr Boyle areas of expertise include Constitutional Law, Human Rights, Jurisprudence, and U.S. Foreign Affairs. You wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity to hear from a man whose served as counsel to the Palestinian Authority and various other countries in the International Criminal Court.
international / prose / post

herdofcattle.jpg imageaudio There is No Real News mod, Tuesday, Mar 6 2018, 12:18am
Ecclesiastes immediately comes to mind, all human endeavour is folly resulting in ruin and death. However, as accurate as that message is, we continue to arrogantly delude ourselves; of course we are 'better,' more advanced than peoples of the past, though the human disposition and condition has never changed -- what utter foolishness, arrogance and vanities we willingly believe about ourselves. (story and 1 image and 1 audio file)
international / prose / post

text So What’s New with the Human Race? Nothing! jane, Saturday, Mar 3 2018, 12:37am
Interesting expression, “human race,” as indeed humanity is racing toward oblivion as I write.

The Russian leader V. Putin today announced a new supersonic (nuclear) ICBM, which claim if true, dramatically alters existing military power structures in the world; however, watching the videos of Putin’s new weapon immediately casts doubts as to the veracity of his claims. The videos are of very poor quality considering the high definition of today’s technologies and to add more doubt to his claims, the former Soviet Union, where Putin cut his KGB teeth, was known to exaggerate claims of Soviet power, which the USA and other nations fell for at the time.
international / prose / post

Supreme Leader Xi Jinping image Chinese Leader Xi Jinping Sets Himself Up for Possible Assassination kwang, Friday, Mar 2 2018, 1:53am
The new emperor of China, Xi Jinping, has established himself as an absolute ruler/autocrat, notwithstanding that after the Mao Zedong fiasco of the cultural revolution and all the associated destruction, destabilisation, regression and horror, later leaders Deng Xiaoping implemented a safeguard in the Chinese communist party, and that WAS that no president could rule for more than ten years, after which the party would elect another leader. (story and 1 image)
international / prose / post

text Internet Defenders Erupt to Kill FCC's Plan to Destroy Net Neutrality Jon Queally via gary, Friday, Mar 2 2018, 1:25am
Defenders of the Internet have promised one "hell of a fight"—and now that day is here.
international / prose / post

text The Downward Spiral Paul Edwards via darcy, Thursday, Mar 1 2018, 12:07am
When empires begin to die, their public acts--in sharp contrast to the ponderous, stately sobriety of their behavior while ascendant--tend to be marked by odd and pathetic eruptions of idiocy, bathos and mania.
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