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text Turkey Launches Airstrikes Against U.S.-Backed Kurdish Forces Julia Conley via jaxie, Monday, Jan 22 2018, 4:42am
Further to the future breakup of NATO and possibly the EU one NATO member has taken military action against another. The reason? Nations are like people and each has their own interests to pursue and protect, western Europe has little in common with eastern Europe. Turkey's interests do not conform with the US's current interests of DESPERATELY attempting to continue the Syrian conflict via Kurdish proxy forces rather than IS, al-Qaeda, and al-Nusra, which paid fighters all failed in their commission to disrupt, destabilise Syria and force Assad out of power. America's desperate hope is that SOMEHOW the Kurds would succeed, whereas reality dictates not a snow-flakes chance in hell.
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Eric 'sweetie' Schmidt image Thought Police of the 21st Century Chris Hedges via claire, Sunday, Jan 21 2018, 9:27pm
The abolition of net neutrality and the use of algorithms by Facebook, Google, YouTube and Twitter to divert readers and viewers from progressive, left-wing and anti-war sites, along with demonizing as foreign agents the journalists who expose the crimes of corporate capitalism and imperialism, have given the corporate state the power to destroy freedom of speech. Any state that accrues this kind of power will use it. And for that reason I traveled last week to Detroit to join David North, the chairperson of the international editorial board of the World Socialist Web Site, in a live-stream event calling for the formation of a broad front to block an escalating censorship while we still have a voice. (story and 2 images)
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text The NSA Is a Blackmail Agency Paul Craig Roberts via jane, Sunday, Jan 21 2018, 9:03pm
The main function of the National Security Administration is to collect the dirt on members of the house and senate, the staffs, principal contributors, and federal judges. The dirt is used to enforce silence about the crimes of the security agencies.
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text Alternative Media Journalists Continue to Support the Illusion sarah, Sunday, Jan 21 2018, 8:31pm
An otherwise good investigative journalist titles his latest story thus: "Trump’s Plan B for Syria: Occupation and Intimidation.” I mean really Mr Whitney, it is established fact that all presidents post JFK serve minority elite interests and are therefore captured PUPPETS.

Regarding foreign policy the elite status quo hasn’t missed a beat since Bush senior was president. The claim that Trump, who clearly knows jack shit about anything foreign, makes plans or decisions is preposterous. It is a major disappointment that any knowledgeable journalist would attribute foreign policy decisions or “plans” to dunce/stooge president Trump. ALL foreign policy decisions are clearly issued from the deep state or shadow government -- consistency over a period of presidents clearly indicates that REALITY.
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tracebook.jpg image Digital Abuse by Big Tech now Under Scrutiny -- about time! tom, Saturday, Jan 20 2018, 8:30pm
Various algorithms and other manipulative strategies utilised by Big Tech for years, are clearly harmful to developing youth and young adults raised with digital devices, no argument. Facebook's high placed insiders have revealed in a video, how the company intentionally manipulates the minds and emotions of users for gain, without any regard whatsoever for detrimental impact on users and society, which is now proven. (story and 3 images)
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Putin, as he is image Where is Putin? jake, Friday, Jan 19 2018, 11:43pm
US Sec. of State Rex Tillerson recently delivered a nice backhanded slap to the face of Putin by announcing that uninvited, therefore illegal, US occupation forces will remain in Syria indefinitely -- how does it feel, neutered Putin, the ally you do not need in times of crisis, as Russia’s track record highlights? (story and 1 image)
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text Memo Madness, Media Hysteria and Political Intrigues jaxie, Friday, Jan 19 2018, 10:17pm
The US puppet state -- to the globalist oligarchs -- is currently undergoing yet another pathetic attempt at obfuscation via claims that a certain memo would destroy Mueller, his investigation into ‘Russiagate’ and the careers of numerous FBI officials -- BUNK! Various clear headed journalists have called the bluff of the Republicans making all the hysterical noise and inferred accusations, clearly in an effort to save their nincompoop, PUPPET president (Trump) from certain removal, which would throw the party and ruling elite policies into disarray.
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Corporate Media image Media Lies About Fake News Eric Zuesse via shirl, Friday, Jan 19 2018, 10:43am
A major new Gallup report that was issued on January 16th headlined “American Views: Trust, Media and Democracy” (it’s issued in conjunction with the Knight Foundation) and it finds that “Internet-only news websites” are the least-trusted of all news media. (story and 1 image)
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cia5.jpg image The Utter Lunacy of the Rogue CIA Finian Cunningham via justin, Thursday, Jan 18 2018, 4:23pm
It should be noted that the CIA is a Rogue agency, when Jack Kennedy attempted to dismantle it and restore its original commission he was assassinated by the CIA and other rogue elements in the deep state. Furthermore, when Kennedy attempted to choke it strategically by withdrawing funds the CIA began to supply heroin initially, then expanded into cocaine in order to become financially independent or at the very least to secure an alternative, independent source of funds. Today it maintains this supply at the cost of thousands of American lives. It's cocaine shipments from Latin America via small aircraft have been exposed numerous times as were the 'Air America' shipments of heroin from the golden triangle during the Vietnam war. It now provokes a nuclear superpower, Russia, which idiotic strategy is likely to trigger WWIII. The fact is that the CIA is now run by lunatics that do not answer to anyone. (story and 2 images)
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text Tricks of Political Ruling Elites judy, Wednesday, Jan 17 2018, 11:44pm
Inversion is probably the biggest trick of all in politics. For instance, it should be widely know that Democracy is MAJORITY rule either via representation or direct participation. Now the reality, in EVERY so-called democratic nation MINORITY rule applies, either by installing political puppets in office that lie to the people and then serve minorities or by forcing real representatives to toe elite policies, as various parliaments or the American Congress is owned by the elite, which provides handsome rewards to those willing to sellout their countries and the MAJORITY in favour of minority service/benefits. As previously stated that is the current status quo in all western ‘democracies,’ majority interests are discarded in favour of minority interests. Bottom line, there are no nations that are democratic! The people are PERSISTENTLY lied to then back-stabbed, choose any western nation and apply this reality for verification.
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text The Normalisation of LYING and False Flag Terrorist Attacks in US Politics lex, Wednesday, Jan 17 2018, 9:39pm
Just when you think it couldn’t get worse the Washington Post publishes an article claiming that Trump stated that a terrorist attack would save his regime in the mid-terms, cop that for the normalisation of State criminality!
international / prose / post

text American Empire -- Almost a Complete Replication of the Fall of Ancient Rome Alfred W. McCoy via jane, Tuesday, Jan 16 2018, 9:16pm
As 2017 ended with billionaires toasting their tax cuts and energy executives cheering their unfettered access to federal lands as well as coastal waters, there was one sector of the American elite that did not share in the champagne celebration: Washington’s corps of foreign policy experts. Across the political spectrum, many of them felt a deep foreboding for the country’s global future under the leadership of President Donald Trump.
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text Targeting a Rich Sick Racist President jaxie, Monday, Jan 15 2018, 7:23pm
After Trump’s “shithole countries" remarks, which were in keeping with his racist character and support base, one group has figured how to hurt, in the true sense, this sick rich individual. Unlike major corps and banks Trump's income is largely based on public real estate assets. Now consider the fact that his businesses are in HUGE debt to major banks locally and internationally and a clear, simple but highly effective strategy appears.
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This pic is composed therefore contrived, as is the (sell) article from the Oz ABC image The Far Left Fascists of America james, Sunday, Jan 14 2018, 8:44pm
The American social/political experiment (failure) is now over-ripe. American society now boasts an extreme left, fully armed and ready to fight the ultra-right fascists in the land. Now note that extreme left and right movements are both fascistic, there is little to separate their BEHAVIOUR and methods though they subscribe to what appears to be opposite ideologies. But as all extreme ideologies morph into fascism, regardless of all the nonsensical and sensical arguments, one cannot avoid a fascist/totalitarian, or nihilistic conclusion. (story and 1 image)
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text The American Bogeyman Syndrome Peter Van Buren via gail, Sunday, Jan 14 2018, 6:40pm
Fear has always been a tool of the vested interests to retain power, make money, and keep the masses under control. But now things may be veering off the rails.
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text Trump 'Turns On' Pakistan (In More Ways Than he Could Imagine) Eric Margolis via jane, Saturday, Jan 13 2018, 7:25pm
Henry Kissinger rightly noted that it’s often more dangerous being an ally [Iraq] of the United States than its enemy. The latest victim of this sad truism is Pakistan, a loyal ally of the US since the dawn of our era.
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text Trump, AGAIN! stacey, Friday, Jan 12 2018, 8:44pm
C'mmon PEOPLE, Trump has always been a racist, HE WEARS IT ON HIS SLEEVE, so all the unjustified coverage, "shit hole (black) nations," is unwarranted. Surely by now everyone is aware that Trump would say or do anything to maintain his sick presence in the media.

Now if you truly wish to hurt Trump and his unbridled narcissism, CEASE FALLING FOR HIS TRICKS! Cease coverage of Trump anything, except for third person references, no pics or direct references -- GOT IT, morons in the media?
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Audit the $250 Billion, Russia -- that simple! image Corrupt Globalist PUPPET Putin Sits Back and Allows ILLEGAL Israeli Air Strikes on Syria Darius Shahtahmasebi via jaxie, Friday, Jan 12 2018, 7:55pm
If any deluded fool in the west remains in doubt about Putin, wake up. He has a record of abandoning allies in their most critical time of need. He allowed the US to install clearly offensive missiles on Russia's land borders, under the pretext that they were intended to protect Europe from missile attacks from Iran, a nation that does not and has never possessed the technology to do so. Now he allows, with international LAW on his side, the criminal Israelis to bomb at will sovereign Syria, an allied nation. Who are you and your $250 billion corrupt US dollars trying to kid, Putin? It is incumbent on Russian patriots/military to face REALITY and put an End to this treasonous maggot once and for all. Putin's corruption and treason is more brazen and obvious than Washington's corruption by the deep state. Follow link below for details on illegal Israeli bombing campaign. (story and 1 image)
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text FBI and other U.S. Agencies NOT Russia, Subverting American Democracy Ray McGovern via cyd, Friday, Jan 12 2018, 7:19pm
"We suddenly have documentary proof that key elements of the U.S. intelligence community were trying to short-circuit the U.S. democratic process. And that puts in a new and dark context the year-long promotion of Russia-gate. It now appears that it was not the Russians trying to rig the outcome of the U.S. election, but leading officials of the U.S. intelligence community, shadowy characters sometimes called the Deep State."
international / prose / post

text Mass Media and Intel Agency Collusion Over Decades Bill Blunden via jess, Thursday, Jan 11 2018, 1:50am
Steven Spielberg's new movie The Post presents the story behind Katharine Graham's decision to publish the Pentagon Papers in The Washington Post. As the closing credits roll, one is left with the impression of a publisher who adopts an adversarial stance towards powerful government officials. Despite the director's $50 million budget (or, perhaps, because of it), there are crucial details that are swept under the rug -- details that might lead viewers towards a more accurate understanding of the relationship between the mainstream corporate press and the government.
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